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Items Left at The Red Lion at Crick.

The Red Lion at Crick have contacted Steven P  too say that three items were left behind after yesterday's walk namely a clipboard, a pair of water proof trousers and and an umbrella. Steve P is going to collect them on Tuesday next week. If any of them belong to you please contact Steven on 01536 511023

posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 15, 2019 20:13  under General

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Re Saturday 9th November Walk.

Paul B only has six names ( including himself) for this Saturdays walk at the needle and Awl at Rushden. Its only across the road from Rushden Lakes so a chance for some early Xmas shopping after the walk.

Who could resist this golden opportunity?
Give Paul your support. 

posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 06, 2019 7:57  under General

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John McMillan.

Sadly I have to report that John McMIllan passed away on Tuesday of this week. Details of the funeral arrangements are not known at this time but will be published as soon as they are available.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 12, 2019 8:49  under General

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Lack of Walk Reports.

Some of you may be wondering why there has been a dearth of walk reports of late and the answer is quite simple, I am not getting any. I used to do the Thursday ones myself but as I don't do the full walks I cannot write them up fully.
I also appreciate that we have our Facebook page where members do post pictures and snippets from walks but at moment only around a third of the membership have joined the group. 

So could I ask that walk leaders or indeed anyone on a walk lets me have a few paragraphs which I can post on the blog. This applies to both Saturday and Thursday walks. No need for epics descriptions or a re-write of War and Peace just a few brief details of start, numbers, distance, things observed en route.

You may not win the Pullitzer prize for journalism but you will earn my thanks and ensure we keep putting new content onto the website which is how the public can see what we do.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 01, 2019 13:45  under General

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Dogs on Walks.

To date it has been the club’s policy to allow well behaved dogs on a short lead on walks and the Ramblers ( Association as was ) encourage their groups to allow dogs on walks where possible as it encourages people who might not otherwise do so to take part in walks.

However following a couple of incidents on club walks I feel it is timely to remind those wishing to bring their dogs on walks that dogs are not covered by the club’s liability insurance and should an incident occur involving the dog that gives rise to a claim from a third party then  the liability lies with the dog owner and not the club.

Most pet insurance policies provide liability cover in varying amounts and it is recommended that owners have this cover when bringing their dogs on walks.

The committee will monitor the behavior of dogs taking part in future walks and in the meantime the following rules will apply:-

1)      Only full members will be allowed to bring dogs on walks therefore visitors/guests will not be allowed to bring their dogs. This will allow dog owners to observe the dynamics of walking in a group if they have not done so before see and how their dog might interact with the group.


2)      Only the actual dog owner will be allowed to bring a dog on walks. This would hopefully ensure that the person bringing the dog is familiar with the dog’s behaviour in most circumstances.


It would be unfortunate if in future it was found necessary to ban dogs from walks (apart from assistance dogs as this would be in breach of the law) but walking with a dog in a large group requires extra vigilance on the part of the owner and it is to be hoped that those wishing to do so will recognise this.




posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 01, 2019 13:31  under General

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 Items Left at The Red Lion at Crick. 

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