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Twinwood Festival Ticket available.

Carna B is not able to make use of a ticket to go to the Twinwood Festival near Bedford on Bank Holiday Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone could make use of it please contact Carna ASAP on 01933 380604.
It has her name on it and  that could be changed today or tomorrow so she needs to sort it out soon!

posted by CHANGERINGER on  August 15, 2019 14:49  under General

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SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019

KDRC Facebook Group is now live.

We now have our own Facebook group. Find us at "Kettering and District Rambling Club".
A couple of things to note:-
1) This a closed group so you will need to ask to join and only members can post messages etc.

2) If you want to go on a walk listed you must still contact the walk organiser directly as at present. Full details will still be on the website.

This is your chance to have some interaction with the club e.g post pictures from walks, post for for sale items etc. All the things you can't do with the website.
Join up, your Facebook group needs you.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 21, 2019 19:08  under General

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SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019

Possible Facebook Concerns

Following my request for someone to help set up a Facebook page for the club I received some feedback that some people were under the impression that this would replace the existing website and that they were not happy about having to use Facebook.

Can I assure everyone that the website will remain in use but given it's inflexibilty and the lack of interactivity for members a Facebook page will allow members to give some feedback about the club's activities and advertise for sale items etc.

We have recently been in discussions with a local web design company about cost for a new more user friendly website but this would absorb all the club's current cash surplus and this could not be justified as long as the current website continues to function.

David H.
Chairman KDRC. 

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 14, 2019 10:32  under General

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SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019

Pictures for the blog.

Whilst pictures make a welcome addition to the walk reports on the blog, it takes an inordinate amount of time to download, save, amend and upload to the website to such an extent that Mrs. H says I spend more time doing reports than I do with her.

So in the cause of marital harmony could I ask that when sending pictures from walks you limit the numbers to around five or six each per walk please?

David H.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 02, 2019 15:02  under General

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Dogs on Walks Clarification.

Whilst we welcome well behaved dogs on club walks, they must be kept on a short lead. Long leads or flexi leads will no longer be allowed.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  May 02, 2019 20:09  under General

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