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Walk Reports


Saturday 9th November 2019 Walk Report.

Leader Paul and eight fellow walkers met at The Needle & Awl, Rushden in the heart of pre-xmas weekend shopping mall country. Heading off over the A45 iron bridge venturing through retail therapy land to the peaceful countryside. Crossing the very swollen River Nene and heading east towards Stanwick Lakes it was cold but the sun had cleared the early morning frost and mist. The leaders originally intended route was found to be blocked by floodwater just beyond Higham Ferrers Lock so we had to retrace our steps to firmer higher ground. Heading north parallel with the A6 we turned west over the fields heading into Irthlingborough. Past the Express Shoe & Bootworks factory site ex Wearra shoe makers, past St Peters Lantern Church for a banana break in the park. Then time to head south through flooded plains lapping the footpath like inland seas, spying lots of swans, the occasional heron and even a hot air balloon, many happy dogs and their walkers. It was soon time to re-emerge from the peace and serenity to a hectic frenzied Christmas shopping environment. Lunch was very enjoyable and good value. 
Many thanks to Julie Stairs for backmarking and photography contributions (some of which are shown below.).
Thank you to all those who supported a very enjoyable walk.
NOTE. Thanks to Paul B for organising and leading this walk and also for providing this report. David H.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 12, 2019 11:39  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 31st October Wak Report.

On a beautiful clear sunny autumn day 31 members set off for a much adapted walk, as flooding on Stamford Green meant major re-routing (or wearing flippers and  wetsuits) .

Sign of Autumn in this beautiful picture of a tree in its Autumnal colours.


Leaving the village where there many old stone built houses we crossed the A43 onto good footpaths towards Wothorpe Hall.


Then using the bridle path we went along higher ground to the old A1 crossed this to follow the walls of Burghley estate. Turning West into a track then South to use meadow paths looking towards Stamford.

We stopped for a break then turned West using more tracks, a bridge under the A1 and woodland fringes to take us back below Wothorpe Hall.

We then used our early route in reverse to get to the village and a warm welcome at the Blue Inn and a very good lunch.


Leaders Margaret and  Dorothy plus valuable support from high vis wearers to get safely across the busy main roads.


( Sad news that Caroline C had broken her leg this morning).

Thanks to Margaret B and Dorothy W for organising and leading what proved to be a very popular walk. Thanks to Margaret for providing this report.

Pictures were provided by Julie S and Paul B.


posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 02, 2019 11:51  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 19th October Walk Report.

Caught the X4 bus from the Horsemarket. Alighted at Cliftonville rd,and commenced walking from midsummer meadow via the carpark from where we were joined by Mark.The first part of the walk is close to the town centre passing by Carlsberg,but is a pleasent tranquil corridor within an urban setting.The views soon open up after this as we pass through Stortons pits nature reserve with its beautiful lake scene. After a short break at the Duston mill picnic site we rejoined the canal towpath for about a mile southwards before turning up a lane leading into Hunsbury hill country park.This is a intereresting area originally full,of quarrys converted into lovely woodland ,also featuring the ironstone railway musem which we crossed over on a level crossing.Our route took us through the complete length of the park before a few minutes of passing through a residential area (which included a jewish cemetery!)


Soon after we crossed the main London rd close to Hardingstone and thence into Delapre park walking down to the abbey for lunch.This is a beautifull spot and only about a mile from Northampton town centre.The cafe was excellent and provided good value and being served quickly even through they were busy.


After we had lunch and people had time to explore the walled garden.we continued via a wooded area then skirted Delapre lake.A few minutes passing by the Brackmills industrial area and walking alongside the remains of the former Northampton to Peterborough railway before reaching the Nene at the White water rafting centre watching young people canoeing.


We continued to Midsummer meadow via the Barnes Meadow nature reserve stopping to admire the grazing cattle (so close to Northampton town centre!)It was a short walk from here back up to Cliftonville rd from where we caught the X4 back to Kettering.


Using the bus did mean that for some of the party it was free transport and no driving or less driving and no parking charges,and a nice view from the top deck.


Again a disappointing turnout but my thanks go to Mark Julie John and Vonnie by showing their friendship by coming out and supporting us and thanks to Julie for taking the photographs.

Thanks to David S for organising and leading this walk and providing this report and to Sarah S for back marking.


posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 02, 2019 9:54  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 3rd October 2019 Walk Report.

Seventeen KDRC members plus new walkers Margaret and Anthea met at The Wollaston Inn on a bright autumnal morning. 

Heading out of Wollaston on a narrow path between houses we soon encountered five very handsome alpacas and three large grunty pigs. 

Downhill through Wollaston Cricket Club grounds and safely crossing the busy A509 the next obstacle was a recently ploughed muddy field obliterating our rightful footpath. 

Onwards and upwards through a soggy low growing rape field (more like young cabbages!) we soon reached our highest point with a marvellous panoramic view of Grendon and surrounding countryside.

Entering Grendon and down through the village, stopping for a Roger (sorry, Banana! ) break at The Half Moon,

 We headed back towards Wollaston over several stiles. Eventually entering Strixton through a field of spritely sheep. Also met en route were some Shetland ponies and a young lady taking her horse for a walk.

Then a walk through the woods we emerged again into our muddy field and re-crossed the A509. Re-acquaintance with alpacas and pigs it was time to get our snouts in the trough for an enjoyable lunch and welcome drink. 

Well done newcomers Margaret and Anthea and all members for completing six miles, numerous stiles, multiple kissing gates and thousands of soggy cabbages!!!

Thanks to Paul B for organising and leading this walk and providing this report and some of the photographs.

Thanks to Lou L, Richard G for acting as back marker at various times.

Additional pictures were supplied by Caroline C.


posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 06, 2019 10:57  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 4th September Walk Report.

25 members met in the car park of the Manor House Hotel in Alconbury on a bright sunny breezy day for a five mile walk.

A notable feature of the car park is a curiously carved tree as per the pictures below.

During the pre-walk briefing Jem C said that as would be crossing the Great North Road we would have be vigilant however not one stage coach was to be seen during our crossing.

The route took us close to the church and some attractive houses. as pictures below.

The route was good flat walking mostly mostly on arable land where much post harvest activity was seen.

A couple of curious sheep came to greet us and one pushed its head through the wire fencing and got stuck, luckily Julie S came to the rescue.

A herd of cattle found us interesting too and trotted over to investigate.

During the banana break the opportunity was taken for a group picture.

We were joined on the way back by a group of about 15 ramblers from the Peterborough Club who also lunched at the Manor House Hotel where the food proved to be excellent.

Thanks to Sue and Jem C for organising and leading this walk in pastures new for most participants.

Thanks to Caroline C for providing this report and pictures.

Thanks also to Julie S for rescuing the sheep


posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 10, 2019 10:24  under Walk Reports

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