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Thursday 9th February Walk Report.

Around 20 of us set off from the Wheel and Compass at Weston by Welland on a cold morning but luckily with none of the biting winds and wintry showers which had been forecast.
Our route took us up the long slope over the fields away from the village and on gaining the top we were rewarded with fantastic views over the Welland Valley.
Just before beginning our descent we came across an old finger signpost showing the way to several villages in the valley with no sign of how to actually get to them.
We descended to the valley floor and on crossing the Sutton Bassett to Weston Road stopped for a well deserved banana break. Our route took us by a mixture of bridleway, one muddy field and pasture to Sutton Bassett where we walked back over another hill back to the pub at Weston where we were joined by Ann R and John C for a very reasonably priced meal with main courses at £4 with some hungry walkers indulging in the bread and butter pudding at £2.95..
Thanks to Keith for leading and to Lou for acting as back marker on an invigorating walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  February 09, 2017 15:53  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 4th February 2017 Walk Report.

21 of us set off from the Red Lion at Crick for what turned out in the author's opinion to be one of those golden days where everything is just right. From the start the sun shone and the weather was almost springlike. Our route took us through the village and then on to the banks of the Grand Union Canal as per the pictures below.
On leaving the canal we headed for the village of Yelvertoft where the reason for the walk leaders request "to bring a mug" was made clear as light refreshments were provided in the beautiful All Saints Church.
One of the fetures of the church are the odd markings on some stone supports which are said to have been caused by Roundhead troops sharpening their swords before the battle at Naseby.
Although a sypathiser with the Roundheads the Chairman resisted sharpening his pen knife as a gesture of solidarity.
                                              All Saints Church, Yelvertoft.
On leaving the church we re-joined the canal returning in the direction of Crick then leaving briefly to walk past Crick Hill and the Crick Millenium Wood before re-joining the canal and passing Crick Marina en route to the village where a hearty, well priced lunch was enjoyed by all at the Red Lion.
Thanks to Ian and Carna for organising and leading the walk and arranging the refreshmens.
Also thanks to Carna for providing the pictures.
Plus thanks to the good people at All Saints for providing refreshments.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  February 06, 2017 10:10  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 26th January 2017 Walk Report.

A somewhat depleted band of 18 ( including four people doing a "taster" walk)  set off from the Cross Keys at Kingscliffe for a 5 mile walk from the village around Fineshade Woods. .
It was cold and raw with a chilly wind but a good pace helped to heat us up.
We were joined part way round by a couple of dogs who decided they would rather walk with us than their owners but were led astray even further when another two dogs apeared and they all dashed off into the woods, hopefully returning to their respective owners in the fullness of time.
On returning to the pub we were joined by John C for an enjoyable lunch.
During this the Chairman took the opportunity to remind those present who had indicated that they wished to attend the 80th Anniversary celebration that monies should be paid by the end of the month.
Thanks to Robert and Rosemary for organising and leading an excellent mud and stile free walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  January 26, 2017 15:31  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 14th January 2017 Walk Report.

12 walkers  ( including some doing a "taster" walk ) set off from the car park at Wadenhoe for a 6.25 mile walk.
The weather was dull at first but brightened later and most importantly stayed dry.
On returning lunch was taken at the Old Barn in Wadenhoe which for those of you who do not know it is a very pleasant blend of cafe, plant centre and gift shop.
Thanks to Jane for planning and leading the walk and to Gloria for acting as back marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  January 19, 2017 11:41  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 9th January 2017 Walk Report.

In spite of a rather dire weather forecast around 30 members set off from The Bell at Little Addington for a 5 mile walk in what proved to be mostly dry weather albeit with fairly low temperatures. It was nice to see Rosemary out and about again after a few months absence.
Our route took us to great Addington and over the fields to th farm at the Waterloo Memorial.
Following a recce walk on Monday which included some of the stickiest mud ever the route was changed to avoid the offending fields and we arrived for our break in the shelter of straw bales almost dry shod.
We then walked along the road to Finedon for about half a mile and this stretch must be one of the most littered stretches in the county.
Leaving the road it was good firm tracks all the way back to the pub. By way of something different we passed a game shoot complete with gamecart well laden with pheasants but none were offered to us.
The forecast rain started shortly before we reached the pub but nothing too bad. We were joined by John C for lunch which was goos as always.
It was agreed that future Thursday walks will all have a 10.00am start time ( pub openings permitting).

posted by CHANGERINGER on  January 12, 2017 16:46  under Walk Reports

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