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Thursday June 15th Walk Report.

The venue for this walk was Launde Abbey which for those who don't know it is a Church of England Retreat/Conference Centre which nestles in a valley amongst the rolling Leicestershire Wolds.
17 of us assembled on what had started as a bright sunny day but with what proved to be a persistent wind which prompted many comments concerning the lack of outer layers of clothing being brought.
However once we were underway and given the undulating nature of the terrain we soon warmed up.
 We in KDRC do not refer to hills we prefer to use the word "undulations". Let it be said there are some pretty testing undulations around Launde Abbey but they do give rise to some spectacular views over the Leicestershire countryside.
As the walk progressed the sunny sky clouded over and to the horror of all a few drops of rain actually had the temerity to fall on us. However it soon passed and we all returned to the Abbey for an excellent lunch where we were joined by Gervase F and Pam S.
We shared the communal dining room with a number of the clergy including at least one bishop. What these good souls made of us I cannot begin to guess.
Thanks to Richard G for organising and leading the walk and also to Julie S for acting as back marker on a very enjoyable 5 mile walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 15, 2017 15:09  under Walk Reports

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Rene Bent funeral arrangements.

The funeral of Rene Bent will take place at 3.30pm on Wednesday 14th of June in the Alber Munn Chapel at Kettering Crematorium, Rothwell Road, Kettering NN16 8XE.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 08, 2017 18:54  under General

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Obituary for Rene Bent (Wallis)

The death of Rene Bent  at the age of  94 has been reported to us.
She was the husband of Norman who was  a past Chairman of KDRC and they were both long time members during the period spanning the 1970's/2000's.
In later days Rene was a member of the Strollers and it had been her intention to join our 80th celebration in March but was prevented from doing so by a fall.
Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 01, 2017 14:44  under General

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Thursday 1st June 2017 Walk Report.

20 walkers including one visitor Erica with her dog Bertie set off from the Dukes at Wooford amidst brilliant sunshine which persisted for the whole walk along with real summery temperaturs. Our route took us through the village then across the fields and the River Nene to Denford.On passing the churchyard a CWGC headstone  for a member of the Northamptonshire Regiment dated 1916 was noted. 
We then crossed the fields to Ringstead and paused for our banana break by Kinewell Lake.
Skirting the lake we made for Willy Watts Mill and crossed the old Northampton to Peterborough railway line and made our way back to Woodford where we were joined by Ann R for an excellent lunch which at only £6  for a main course offered superb value.
Author's note: In the churchyard at Woodford there is also a lone CWGC headsone marking the resting place of a member of the Royal Flying Corps dated 1917. If any one can shed any light as to the circumstances of this grave and the one at Denford I would be most interested to find out.
Our thanks to Sue and Peter H for organising and leading the walk and extra thanks for their Herculean efforts in clearing away nettles etc prior to the walk so that wearers of shorts remained unstung.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 01, 2017 14:25  under Walk Reports

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SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017

Saturday 20th May Walk Report.

A selct group of 7 walkers set off from the Wharf Inn at Welford for a 6 mile canal walk. The weather was dry and sunny with the odd shower. A total of five boats were seen on the canal.
As the group turned for the return leg they couldn't hear themselves think for the noise of the sheep being separated from their lambs. 400 in all according to the farmer's wife. Continuing with the livestock theme they also saw the prize bull and Stuffy the one eyed Shetland pony which all made for interesting converation along the towpath on the way back.
On returning to the Wharf they were joined by Sue and Peter H and Dorothy W for lunch which everyone enjoyed. Our gastronomic correspondent says she can reccommend the flat iron steak which she says melted in her mouth.
Thanks to John A  for organising and leading the walk and to Julie S for acting as back marker and gastronomic reporter.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  May 21, 2017 15:39  under Walk Reports

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