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SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019

KDRC Facebook Group is now live.

We now have our own Facebook group. Find us at "Kettering and District Rambling Club".
A couple of things to note:-
1) This a closed group so you will need to ask to join and only members can post messages etc.

2) If you want to go on a walk listed you must still contact the walk organiser directly as at present. Full details will still be on the website.

This is your chance to have some interaction with the club e.g post pictures from walks, post for for sale items etc. All the things you can't do with the website.
Join up, your Facebook group needs you.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 21, 2019 19:08  under General

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SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019

Possible Facebook Concerns

Following my request for someone to help set up a Facebook page for the club I received some feedback that some people were under the impression that this would replace the existing website and that they were not happy about having to use Facebook.

Can I assure everyone that the website will remain in use but given it's inflexibilty and the lack of interactivity for members a Facebook page will allow members to give some feedback about the club's activities and advertise for sale items etc.

We have recently been in discussions with a local web design company about cost for a new more user friendly website but this would absorb all the club's current cash surplus and this could not be justified as long as the current website continues to function.

David H.
Chairman KDRC. 

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 14, 2019 10:32  under General

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Thursday 11th July 2019 Walk Report.

On a warm and sunny morning, having ordered food for lunch in advance, we arrived in an already full car park (to the surprise of leaders Keith and Lou) because it was also being sports day at the nearby Barton Seagrave Primary School. Our leaders, having guided us to the remaining parking spaces, and after announcements from Keith and Chairman David, 26 walkers set off through a shady wooded path, past Barton’s cricket field with views opening up of the old church and buildings of Barton village and Kettering beyond.

At the bottom of Barton Hill we crossed to open fields along a clear bridle and cycle way, past a large skate board rink following close to the River Ise.

 Then over Deeble Road, and along a nettled path to Warkton.

 Here we had we had our banana break in the churchyard of St Edmunds church which is home to the famous Roubiliac Marbles.

After walking through the village we returned on a parallel path – with a slight detour where a friendly farmer had opened a gate to allow easier access than using the overgrown path for a section.

Good views were to be had looking towards Kettering including a field with masses of poppies in bloom as shown below.

Some resting ruminants were also passed.

 Passing through the grounds of Christ the King Church we again crossed Deeble Road, before crossing the old A6 near Wicksteed Park and then walking up through the Castle Field nature reserve to Barton Village.

Climbing again the gentle Barton Hill, noting the slope on the cricket field (and also delighted to hear that in the World Cricket Semi-Final Cup against England, Australia had already lost 5 wickets for 118 runs – England went on to win superbly!) the now rather hot walkers arrived back at the pub at 12.45. The total distance was 6.5 miles.

Considering the numbers involved lunch was served promptly by friendly staff and was good value.

Thanks to Keith B for organising and leading this somewhat hot and sweaty walk. Lou L acted as back marker.

Roger K provided this report and some some of the pictures with the rest being provided by Carna B.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 13, 2019 11:08  under Walk Reports

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MONDAY, JULY 8, 2019

Saturday 5th July 2019 Walk Report.

26 people in total met at Wansford Station on the Nene Valley Railway on an overcast and showery morning. We started off with a short railway journey from Wansford Station to Yarwell. Due to Thomas the Tank Engine derailing at Yarwell Junction the previous weekend and damaging the points the train was topped and tailed by a steam loco at one end (Battle of Britain Class "92 Squadron” ) at one end and a Class 45 Diesel ("The Royal Tank Regiment”) at the other.

Much excitement was exhibited by some of the passengers.

This took us under the A1 road, to near the caravan park and river at Yarwell. Three people stayed on the train and went to Peterborough while the rest walked 4.5 miles along the River Nene.

 The route took us along the Nene way by Yarwell Lock, across a field of alpacas to the edge of the village before crossing a hay field to another guillotine style lock by a small island where some people had pitched tents. Then passing newly planted trees and some horses we approached the elegant stone bridge at Wansford.

 Further on, after passing under two much larger and less graceful bridges carrying the noisey A1 traffic, we had a short break, where once there had been a rest point for lorries and cars.

We continued along the river, only seeing one moving boat, to Sutton village where this beautiful display of flowers was seen and a house typical of the area with thatched roof.

 Then back through fields of docile cows with young to Wansford signal box and station.

Here we went our separate ways - some people had picnics, others food at the station cafe or nearby Stibbington Diner and some made their way home. 

Thanks to Ian and Carna B for organising and leading this well attended walk with the added bonus of a train ride. Thanks are also due to Carna for providing this report.

Pictures were provided by Julie S.

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Saturday 29th June 2019 Walk Report.

Seventeen walkers arrived at  Rockingham Main St for a walk to Gretton.
Weather was warm and sunny.We welcomed two new walkers Phyll & Janet .

Turning left into a lovely close of terraced bungalows with country gardens took us off the noisy main road into the quiet of the countryside with views of the Welland Valley all the way to the railway tunnel and little  spinney before the climb up the hill into Gretton.
We decided to stop here at the top to eat our lunch and look at the fabulous view.

After lunch we had to tackle a rape field where the crop had fallen over the path,which was hard going .
Onwards a short way on paths to the recreation ground in Gretton where we went into the social club and were allowed to replenish our water bottles and have a short sit down inside.
Cricket was soon to start.We left them to it and continued alongside the very nice recreation ground with tennis courts lots of seats and children's swings.

Along a track that  took us to the road where we did a very short piece of road walking.
Crossing the road to the left another track took us to a railway crossing after which we followed the footpath back to Rockingham.

Walk took longer than expected due to the hot weather and more stops in the shade needed.
Arriving back approx 3pm.

Thanks to Judith E for organising and leading this walk on the hottest day of the year so far.Judith also provided picture and this report.

Thanks also to Vonnie Mc for acting as back marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 03, 2019 16:13  under Walk Reports

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