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Thursday 7th September Walk Report.

18 walkers including one potential new member ( welcome Roger) set off on a lovely early Autumn morning from the Vane Arms at Sudborough. The route took them via roads and fields to towards Lowick where some of the group were amazed to see the vineyard on the outskirts of the village. Whilst this has been in existence for a few years it is not known if the first vintage has been produced.
Perhaps with the increasing reputation enjoyed by English wines Chateau Lowick will be up there with the best of them.
From Lowick the route took them to Drayton House where Margaret B gave an interesting talk on its history.
The banana break was taken within sight of Slipton and then via a longish road walking stretch back to the Vane Arms where and excellent lunch was had by all.
Thanks to Margaret B and Sue C for organising and leading a most enjoyable walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 11, 2017 8:12  under Walk Reports

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Walk leaders Required Urgently.

In order to get the Winter card out in time there is a need to get walk leaders to fill the following dates as soon as possible:-
11th or 12th November 2017.
6th or 7th January 2018.
3rd or 4th February 2018.
17th or 18th march.
If you can lead a walk on one of these dates please contact Gloria S on the number on your card.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 11, 2017 8:01  under General

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Saturday September 2nd 2017 Walk Report.

Seven people and Patrick the dog started the 6.5 mile walk from Rockingham to Gretton and back.It was a lovely sunny morning.
We crossed the main Rockingham road and took a walk through a quaint village close to the open fields with scenic views of the Welland valley to the left of us all the way to a steep incline up the field path leading into Gretton.
There were beautiful views of the Welland valley and villages all around.Also Rockingham castle
on the hill in the distance.

We found Gretton Recreation ground and had our lunch stop picnic on the seats there.

After that we carried on with our walk, with blackberry picking, lanes, woodland and some undefined paths (where
we needed Jem's help with his G.P.S.) until we we crossed a railway line and joined the return path to  Rockingham again.
Some went in the tearoom there for a well deserved cup of tea and scone.
Thanks to Judith for organising andl leading the walk and for providing this report

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 05, 2017 18:26  under Walk Reports

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Sunday August 20th 2017 Walk Report.

11 walkers including 3 visitors took part in the walk from Poplar Farm Road.
Lunch was taken at the Old Forge in Cranford and one person who had never been there before told the author they were most impressed with it.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 01, 2017 14:23  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 24th August 2017 Walk Report.

Thursday walk from The White Horse PH at Tilbrook.
 We were fortunate enough to have a lovely bright sunny morning with a slight breeze for the five and a half mile long walk.We started by going across a couple of easy stiles and into the village of Tilbrook with some attractive stone houses, a typical Northamptonshire style church and a paddock of sheep.

 After a short road section we were out into the wide expansive countryside with large arable fields. A fair bit of activity was seen with various coloured tractors ploughing, harrowing and seeding the fields after the harvesting. One tractor stopped. It had an automatic guidance system aboard so the driver could sit back and not have to turn the steering wheel!

We walked alongside the disused Cambridge to Kettering railway and on into Covington village. Here we paused by the pretty village sign and chatted to a guy cutting grass on a steep bank; once it was with a scythe but now he uses a strimmer.

After a slight deviation around a newly ploughed field, rather than across, we followed some more grassy verges downwards and back to the main road close to the pub. It was in this last section that we saw a group of alpacas and some Devon Red cattle.
We were a large group out today and the pub had some difficulties serving 27 lunches in a short time (they said there was only one cook but he had come in early). Still, I think most people enjoyed their food and felt better for having done a lot more than a brisk 10 minute walk, as recommended on Radio 4 this morning.  

Thanks to Ian and Carna for organising and leading a very enjoyable walk. Extra thanks to Carna for the walk report and the pictures below.

When is a llama not a llama? When it is an Alpaca.

                                       Red Devon cattle met en-route.

              Confucius say "wise man go round edge of muddy field".

           No prizes for guessing the name of the village passed through on the walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  August 26, 2017 9:44  under Walk Reports

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