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Mobile Phone NUmbers.

The subject of walk leaders providing mobile numbers has again been raised following a destinational faux pas on a recent walk when two members were going to be late and wanted to advise the leaders.

Whilst this is exremely desirable it also cuts both ways.

If when you are signing up for a walk and give your mobile number as well as your landline this enables the leader to contact you on the day with any changes to walk details.
Also if you have not turned up for the start time it allows the leader to contact you to see what is happening and delay the start of the walk if deemed necessary.

I am aware some people are not keen on disclosing their mobile numbers but it really does improve communication on walk days.
David H.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 08, 2018 9:31  under General

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Saturday 29th September 2018 Walk Reort.

9 walkers met at The Red Lion in the Northamptonshire villadge of Denton. This is one of those villages that people have to look at the map to find. Certainly one member's idea of where the walk was did not match what the programme said and it was only when her passenger queried how far they had gone along the A14 that the correct destination was decoded upon and eventually arrived at.
However all well that ends well and they eventually set off.

The country side in this area is fairly undulating and much of it was traversed on a recent Thursday walk including the oddly named Jerusalem Steps.

En route a most unusual piece of topiaryin the shape of an elephant as per the picture below.

On returning to the pub the landlady asked to take a picture of the group which we can only assume was to encourage other walking groups to use the pub. Good luck to her with that.

Thanks to Sue and Jem C for organising and leading this walk and to Gloria S for providing the picture.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 08, 2018 9:19  under Walk Reports

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Club Weekend.

To all those setting off for the club weekend in the Forest of Dean I hope you all have a wonderful time walking in this lovely part of the country.
If you get the chance to take some pictures which I can put on the blog please send them to me on your return and I will incorporate them into a blog post.
Have fun.
David H.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 04, 2018 14:51  under General

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Thursday 18th October Walk Menu.

The pub have asked that we pre-order lunches before the day of the walk.
The menu is shown below with apologies for quality of picture but it is a picture of a scanned document which was emailed to me then printed then photographed then downloaded to computer to allow it to be posted on blog.
 Isn't life simple?
Further information as to how to order will be available with walk info on calendar.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 01, 2018 8:23  under General

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In order to complete the new card Gloria is in urgent need of people to lead weekend walks.
If you can help please contact Gloria ASAP please.

Remember: No leaders-no walks.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 23, 2018 11:27  under General

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