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FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018

Thursday 14th June 2018 Walk Report.

21 walkers gathered in the car park of the Old Barn tea room at Wadenhoe on a very breezy morning which was the residue of Storm Hector.

The route took us past Wadenhoe Mill and across the meadows and River Nene to Achurch.
A longish road section took us to Thorpe Waterville and via two or three crossings of parts of the Nene to Aldwincle. During these road sections exemplary single file walking was maintained and not once did Julie S have to have to blow her corrective whistle.
The church on the approach to the village is now used for "champing" ( i.e. overnight accomodation)  Must try it some time.

Shortly after this our banana break was taken before proceeding on to the Nene Way heading back to Wadenhoe. This was an interesting up and down section which finished up close to the river. The nettles encountered proved challenging to walkers in shorts.

We arrived back to the Old Barn around 12.00 hrs and several walkers seemed happy with the route and time taken. We were joined by Julia B for lunch.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading a very pleasant walk and for providing this report.
Thanks to Julie S for acting as back marker even though she never got to blow her whistle once.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 15, 2018 14:07  under Walk Reports

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MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018

Saturday 9th June 2018 Walk Report.

Six members met in the car park of the Fox at Hallaton on a cool and overcast morning ready for a six mile walk around the Leicestershire Wolds.

Their route took them out of the village on the Goadby road  passing two donkies and two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs en route. The dogs did not appear to be very friendly but given their job as farm guard dogs in their native Africa this may not be surprising.

On joining the footpath to the right their route took them past fields where many horses  were seen enjoying good grazing. After arriving at Keythorpe Hall Farm the group turned onto the Midshires Way.
Julie S supported the rural economy by buying some free range eggs at a farm gate.

Just before re-entering Hallaton the remains of the Motte and Bailey castle were passed which proved very interesting.
Lunch at the Fox was excellent as always and everyone departed for home at 1.30.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading the walk and also for providing this report.
Also thanks to JUlie S for acting as back marker. It is to be hoped she enjoyed her eggs with a Sunday morning fry up.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 11, 2018 13:41  under Walk Reports

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FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2018

A polite reminder.

A reminder about member responsibilities when they wish to join a walk.

1) On Thursday walks when you sign the sheet for the next walk take note exactly where the meeting place is. Don't assume it will be a pub. Also note who is leading the walk and their contact details.

2) Always let the leader know that you intend to join a walk. We have had some instances lately where people who should know better just turn up and sometimes at the last minute meaning the whole group is kept waiting. If you haven't booked in and turn up late the group may have left. Don't use the excuse that other groups don't require you to sign in for walks in advance. WE DO.

3) If you can't make a walk that you have booked in for please let the leader know. Don't make the excuse you don't have their contact details. See point 1 above.

Nothing to do with booking in for walks but a request (again) from the chairman, 
Please do not ring him, between half past four and half past six.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 01, 2018 18:57  under General

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FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2018

Thursday 31st May 2018 Walk Report.

On a warm and humid morning 27 walkers set off from Wadenhoe Olde Barn Tea Rooms for a six mile circular walk towards Lyveden.

The walk initially took us past Wadenhoe Church which after the walk several members went and looked round.  From there the view looking back over the River Nene, despite being still a little misty, was beautiful.

After a short spell on the road we crossed through a field to the corner of the Drift Road where we turned along the bridleway.  This was fairly dry despite the more recent rain but was rutted from horse travel through the winter muddy months.

Turning right through the fields we headed up to the woods.  

There was still a lingering smell of wild garlic and the sound of pheasants as we made our way through Greenside wood, Souther wood and Lady wood.  Here there were two conveniently placed picnic benches for a break.  Cake was passed round to celebrate the birthday of two of the walkers.

Setting off again we passed the back of Lyveden New Bield a National Trust property which is well worth a visit.  A direct path through fields full of buttercups and clover lead us back to the Drift road and passing by the church we ended up back at The Olde Barn for lunch.

At lunch we were joined by Margaret B and the tea room handled the numbers with efficiency.

Thanks to Sue and Peter H for organising and leading a most enjoyable walk and to Ian B for providing the pictures below.

                             The only giraffe in the village.

                    I'm sure thy went this way

                                All smiles at the end of the walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  June 01, 2018 18:42  under Walk Reports

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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2018

Thursday 17th May 2018 Walk Report.

31 walkers plus two dogs met in t car park of the Bell Inn at Finedon on a gloriuosly sunny but slightly chilly morning for a six mile walk. The pub does not normally open at lunchtimes but had opened specially for us.
We set off through the village parts of which were completely new to the author which proves that walking takes you to places that other modes of transport cannot reach.
We then joined what is referred to as the Pocket Park but is in actual fact the track of the old narrow gauge railway which brought ironstone from the local quarries to the point where they were tipped into standard gauge wagons for the journey down to Wellingborough Iron Works. Traces of the sleepers were much in evidence.
An unremarkable concrete  platform was passed and this is part of Finedon Slabs where the ore was tipped. From the bottom level it is much more impressive structure. and the local schools used to use the structure for climbing lessons.

                Following the track of narrow gauge ironstone railway.

On exiting the park a long road section was followed by a traverse of some fields to Bosworth's Garden Centre but sadly no pause was made to allow a cuppa at the cafe.
On attempting to cross a stream shortly afterwards a scaffold pole had been used to to try and prevent motor cycles or horse crossing the bridge. Its height was such that it required some nifty Limbo dancing as evidenced by the picture below.

Soon afterwards our break was taken adjacent to the railway line. By this time all trace of the early morning chill had vanished and the ritual of removing layers began.

Rank hath its privileges so the Chairman bags the only 
available seat in some stile during banana break.

Our next port of call was Finedon Sidings which is now a n industrial estate and all trac eof its railway history has been oblitersted. Some very pleasant fields were crossed. See picture below.

Unfortunately at the end of these fields an example of one of the blights of modern living was encountered namely fly tipping. While not containing the kitchen sink it certainly contained a bath. A report was made to Wellingborough Council by the walk leader and was told they would remove it within two weeks.

                           England's green and pleasant land?

Eventually what used to be a quiet lane was reached but due to the closure of the Finedon Wellingborough road for bridge works had become a rat run with a continual stream of cars one of which contained Margaret B who was joining us for lunch..
Good road discipline and extra hi-vis waistcoats helped prevent any mishaps.

A short stretch of the old standard gauge railway line and some up and downs brought us back to the pub where a good lunch in very pleasant surroundings was enjoyed. 
Thanks to Roger K for making an excellent job of organising and leading his first walk for the club and to Sue H for acting as back marker. Roger also supplied the pictures of the CHAIRman and the rubbish.
Thanks also to Carna B for providing the other pictures.

                                   Journey's end.

                  Finedon church. I wonder who the vicar is?

posted by CHANGERINGER on  May 18, 2018 19:43  under Walk Reports

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