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Thursday 11th january 2018 Walk Report.

27 walkers set off the The St. Johns Arms at Melchbourne on what can only be described as our Caledonian members would call a really dreich day i.e dull and misty with a side order of drizzle.
This sort of weather would be classed as the height of Summer North of the Border.

This part of Bedfordshire was pastures new or pastures very rarely visited for many walkers.
The walk was around six miles in length and took us over a variety of tracks. woods and a several fields which could be described as having a high co-efficient of squelchiness.

We paused for our break in the churchyard at Risely and on seeing a number of people entering we assumed a funeral was about to take place but no it was a church lunch and the vicar in explaining this said we would all be most welcome. What he would have said if we had taken up his kind invitation can only be guessed at.

Our return route was over the same sort of terrain as the out leg but the drizzle finally stopped.

On returning to the pub we were joined by Ann R and John C for lunch. 

Thanks to Sue and Jem C for organising and leading the walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  January 11, 2018 16:37  under Walk Reports

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Nomitations for 2018 Goodwill Recipients.

If you have a charity you would like to nominate to be a recipient for the clubs Goodwill collections for the coming year could you let a member of the committee know as soon as possible please?
You should also be prepared to provide a brief statement as to why they should be considered which can be put to the AGM.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  January 06, 2018 15:17  under General

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Saturday 6th January 2018 Walk Report.

A goodly turnout for a Saturday walk of 16 set off in bright sunshine from the Piper in Windmill Avenue in Kettering for a yet another chance to blow away the last of the festive cobwebs.
Our route took us along the area shown on the map as "The Wilderness" which is a misnomer las it is crossed by a very good hard track. We then crossed the A6 and up Barton Hill for a short distance then followed the path across the fields to the side of St. Botolph's Church.

We then followed the track behind Wicksteed Park then into the park and round the lake pausing for our banana break in one of the shelters. where thankfully seats were provided.Continuing through the park a welcome comfort break was made and we the retraced our route back to the A6 and across the Wilderness and passed the skate park where the going was slightly squelchy before returning to the Piper. We were joined by John C. for a very welcome and reasonably priced lunch.

Thanks to Gloria S for organising and leading the walk and to Vonnie M for acting as back marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  January 06, 2018 15:02  under Walk Reports

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2nd January 2018 New Year Walk Report.

Over 20 walkers assembled in the car park at the Stag's Head at Maidwell for our traditional New Year walk to blow away all traces of festive over indulgence amidst gathering clouds which seemed to tie in with the weather forecast of heavy and persistent rain for the morning.
As if on cue just prior to starting of it rained and did so continuously throughout the walk.
Our route took us on good hard tracks and roads to Blueberry Farm where the going changed to what the horse racing people call "heavy". ( in rambling circles it is known as mud).

Nothing daunted we climbed Hazelbech Hill where wonderful views of the rain soaked scenery were to be had and here we had our banana break and also some restorative chocolates provided by our walk leaders David and Sarah S.

Shortly afterwards we joined a good hard track which took us passed some stables whose equine residents looked out and wondered why those humans were out walking in the rain when they could be in a nice snug stable.
We the re-joined our original route and returned to the pub where we were joined by another four members for lunch which although it took a bit of time to come was enjoyed by all.

Again thanks to David S for leading the walk and for Sarah for acting as back amrker

posted by CHANGERINGER on  January 02, 2018 16:42  under Walk Reports

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Season's Greetings.

The committee and I would like to wish all members of KDRC and their families a very Happy Christmas and a Rambling Good New Year.
David H.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  December 22, 2017 11:50  under General

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