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MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2019

Saturday 8th June 2019 Walk Report.

11 walkers met at the Duke’s in Woodford ready for a 10.00a.m. start amidst heavy and persistent rain which probably accounted for an additional  five people who cancelled.


The forecast from the pub’s weather stone being remarkably accurate.

Walking through the village our route took us past the Church of St. Mary the Virgin whose origins go back to the 13th century.

Everywhere was quiet ( probably due to the weather)  and only the occasional dog walker and a couple of walkers were passed.

Continued along a concrete road past Glebe Farm then the Nene Way was joined with distant veiws of the Primark sheds (sorry warehouses)

 Then on to Woodford Mill/ Willy Watt Marina and onto the route of the old Northampton to Peterborough railway line and still it rained.

This route is a favourite with horse riders as much horse manure everywhere.

Passing under Ham Lane Bridge which leaves Ringstead by the pumping station. If you turn left the track hits the River Nene which is a bit of a mystery.

We stopped for coffee on the next bridge where Roger proudly showed of his banana.

On leaving the track by Woodford Lock we passed a half- submerged river cruiser.

On returning to the pub we were as our Caledonian Chairman might say like "drookit rats" but with spirits undaunted as can be seen from the pictures below.

On entering the pub for lunch there was the luxury of an open fire ( much needed in view of the weather conditions).

Vonnie Mc joined us for lunch which was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading this somewhat damp walk and for providing this report. Thanks to Julie S for acting as back marker and providing some of the photographs as did Roger K.

                                   "Wot no Prosecco?"


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SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019

Pictures for the blog.

Whilst pictures make a welcome addition to the walk reports on the blog, it takes an inordinate amount of time to download, save, amend and upload to the website to such an extent that Mrs. H says I spend more time doing reports than I do with her.

So in the cause of marital harmony could I ask that when sending pictures from walks you limit the numbers to around five or six each per walk please?

David H.

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SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019

Thursday 30th May 2019 Walk Report.

28 (two taking a shorter walk in the village) members assembled in the car park of the Olde Three Cocks on a fine but cloudy and windy morning for a ‘rectangular’ walk of 5.4 miles north of the attractive village of Brigstock, near Corby.

After an introduction about the walk from the leader Roger K and a welcome to new members we headed uphill, carefully crossing the bypass and taking a side road past the entrance to Mauntley Farm and Bushy Lawn Lodge, where the Brigstock Horse Trails are held. 

Announcing ourselves on the intercom by the drive to Bocase Farm


Passing its splendid golden eagle-topped gates.

We came to the Bocase Stone, where Roger K gave a talk to a rapt audience about the legend which says that it is a tombstone said to mark the hollow oak tree where Robin Hood threw his weapons on escaping from an ambush in Brigstock Church (we knew we were in Rockingham Forest but did Robin ever come south from Sherwood?! – and possibly the place where foresters’ courts took place. 

Adjacent to the stone is a somewhat abstract metal knight.

Still walking on the edge of the extensive Harry’s Park wood - and now on wet grass - we eventually emerged through an open gate into a field with good views towards Upper Benefield and Weldon. Turning left alongside a field some of us twice heard the original call of a cuckoo before stopping for our ‘bananas’ at a junction with a farm lane near Laundimer House. Sadly, there was evidence of picnic rubbish, probably left by motorists seeking a quiet spot.

 While we relaxed and chatted a startled lone walker appeared: ‘what a lot of you.’ heading in the opposite direction. He was from Weston Favell and was, over three years, walking to all 365 parish churches (wonder how many he will find open?) in the Peterborough Diocese.

A variety of animlas both domsticated and wild were seen en route.

Turning south we continued along an easy path through Upper Laundimer Wood and Old Dry Hills until reaching the first side road and returning across the Brigstock by-pass to the village.

 A few of us walked around the village, including passing the original home of Helen B. who was on the walk before gathering at the back of the pub for a drink.

 It was a pleasant walk with no styles or mud, only spoilt by the long wait for lunch because we were only told, when we first arrived to park and order food, that another lunch club was booked in before us.

However this allowed us to take advantage of the good weather and have a pleasant drink outside as evidenced by the pictures below.

 Thanks to Peter for being the back marker and to Sue H for her support to the leader. 


Thanks to Roger K for organising and leading this walk and also for providing this report and some of the photographs.

Photographs were also provided by Carna B, Caroline C and Julie S.   

(Lack of time did not permit inclusion of all pictures supplied so apologies for that.

David H.)

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MONDAY, MAY 27, 2019

Saturday 25th May 2019 Walk Report.

15 walkers met at the Wharf Inn at Welford on a warm dry day with some light cloud.

Four newcomers namely Teresa R, Lynn D, Maureen A and Grace F were welcomed by Julie S and are pictured below along with Lynn S who is fairly new to the club.

They are shown in picture below (apologies for technical issues with picture.):-

On leaving the pub and going through village we took a short cut through some allotments some of which were immaculate and others were totally neglected.

Into the fields passing a tractor spraying crops with via long arms luckily we avoided the chemical cloud.

In a later field a picture was taken of the obligatory Spring lamb also seen were these blooms.

We continued on to Bridge 39 on the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union Canal then along the towpath. 

Lots of traffic on the canal and everyone waved to us. Canals are irresistible to photographers especially in sunny weather and our party proved no exception with a selection of pictures taken below.

Coffee break was taken at Bridge 40.

Then onto the Welford Arm of the as signposted below.

Lots walkers, families and dogs on this part of walk. Then over last bridge before returning to Wharf.

On arrival at the Wharf Julie S posed with her latest purchase.

Arrived back at the pub at 12.45 where a large wedding party filled the bar. We were joined by John C and Shirley H for lunch which was served promptly and was as always excellent.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading this walk in Spring sunshine and also for providing this report.

Thanks to Julie S for acting as back marker and providing many of the photographs.

Thanks also to Roger K for providing additional photographs.


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MONDAY, MAY 27, 2019

Derbyshire Walk on 22nd June Pick up Time.

If you are booked in to do the Derbyshire walk on Saturday 22nd June please be advised that pick up will be from the Corn Market Car Park at 7.15a.m. prompt.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  May 27, 2019 7:40  under Special Occasions

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