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Road Walking Reminder.

The committee have worked hard over the last few years to try and maintain high standards of discipline when walking on roads with no footpath as per the Highway Code i.e walk in single file facing on oncoming traffic."
Comments have been made that this is not always being adhered to on some walks particularly where new walkers are doing their first walk.
Having walked with other groups I know that some of them are not as concerned as we are about this issue and this may be why new walkers tend to be a bit more relaxed if they too walk with other groups.

Could I ask all walk leaders when new walkers join their walks that they explain our policy in this respect and that other walkers may remind them of the need to stay in single file if requested to do so.

Could I also take this opportunity to remind all walkers of the need to adhere to the requirement to walk in single file if requested to do so and not wander all over the road. I know we all love to chat and it is difficult to do when in single file but you know it makes sense to do so.
David H.
Chairman KDRC.

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Saturday 30th March 2019 Walk Report.

17 walkers inc 2 new ladies and 3 dogs met at Thornhill Arms Rushton Northants.
The weather was warm and sunny as we set off on footpath opp. pub passing pocket path.
On gently rising ground we crossed railway and passed a wind farm, the going was firm and dry.
After a couple of fields we reached a road at Pipewell where we turned left and after 100 yds took the left fork s.p. Rushton
On a quiet road no f/path we continued for 1/2 mile then followed s.p. through hedge on right
crossed the field then had our break. 

We carried on to a farm track 

This led us back to a bridge under the railway and to the road again. Turning left with no f/path to Triangular Lodge where the path restarted.
This took us  back to the village and pub where four 4 extras joined us for lunch.
The new ladies thanked us and said they would come again.
The walk was approx 4.75 miles and enjoyed by all.
Thanks to Vera & Glyn W for organisng and leading this walk and for providing this report.
Thanks also to Judith E for providing the pictures

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MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019

Thursday 21st March 2019 Walk Report.

With a spring in our step and feeling that Spring was certainly in the air we set off from The Swan with Two Nicks PH in the centre of Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire. There were 23 people walking, including Paul on his first walk with the group.

Prior to leaving Ian B explained that the unusual name of the pub came from the custom of marking swan’s beaks during the Swan Upping wher two livery companies carried out a swan census and marked the swans beaks with one or two nicks depending on which company identified the swan concerned. 

Also Ken C very generously donated a number of hi-vis waistcoats to the club for which we thank him.

Our walk took us through the churchyard of St Peter’s Church with a large memorial ‘chest’ to the Magniac family, Huguenots who traded in Asia.

 Then, while going through an area of woodland called Castle Close, we passed a new totem pole. 

This is full of carvings of insects and other little critters and apparently took 10 people to move into place.


Then it was into the Colworth estate now home to a large science park including Unilever research.  This was reached via a pleasant woodland stretch where several pictures were taken and seasonal flowers were to be seen.


                               "Just can't get away from the paparazzi"

We walked all around, having a break at the railway bridge on the road going to Souldrop. 

Plans were to make it as far as Souldrop Church but, with time pressing, we turned around here, reducing slightly the distance of the 6 mile walk.

This part of the walk was through another wooded area where we were overtaken by another group but as they were only doing 2.5 miles they were fresher than us.It also gave a good view of the new railway bridge in the distance.

The village was re-entered via one of the original gate houses to the estate which also attracted attention for the photographers in the group. 

                                                           " Not him again!"

Margaret B joined us for lunch at the Swan with Two Nicks PH.  Lunches were enjoyed and we heard no complaints – the chips certainly looked and smelt good.

Thanks to Ian B for organising and leading a most enjoyable walk in early Spring weather.

Thanks to also to Carna B for acting as back marker and providing this report and some of the photographs.

Thanks are also due to Roger K, Julie S and Caroline C for providing pictures.

Apologies for any pictures not used but viewers will have seen enough pictures featuring the chairman.


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Saturday 16th March 2019 Walk Report.

15 walkers including one visitor/new walker ( welcome Andy N.) met in the car park of the Hare at Loddington on a blowy March morning although the very high winds kept the rain that was forecast away, 

                        Welcome Andy N.

Leaving the Hare at Loddington we crossed the fields up and down over the feeder 

streams to the reservoir to Cransleyvillage, then along the Mawsley Rd 
to Cransley Wood where we had our banana break.

The  path through the wood was a bit muddy and then we were  onto the old iron stone railway track.

After leaving the railway track we were back to grass fields, one gateway had about 4 
inches of muddy water.

As we came back to Loddington we passed a field  

with alpacas who thought that we were interesting.

Also some horses who were probably after some food only to be sadly disappointed

 Back in Loddington we passed some expensive houses and then the church.

Back at the pub we were joined by four non walkers for a very good meal.

Thanks to Bill J for organising and leading his first and hopefully not last Saturday walk .

Thanks to Julie S for back marking and taking photos which probably explains why she is in so many of them.

( Only joking Julie)

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Thursday 7th March 2019 Walk Report.

Today we had a good, invigorating, 5 mile walk led by Sue and Jem from The Bell Inn at East Langton in what could be described as blustery and unsettled weather. 

 First, 5 new people were welcomed and introduced, bringing the total number of walkers today to 33 – a large group.

I learnt that there is more than one Langton! We started from East Langton and walking along the Leicestershire Round took us east to Thorpe Langton, then north to near Stonton Wyville. After a short stretch along a road and crossing a stream.

 Leg over when not necessary!

We then made our way across a large ‘bumpy’ field with sheep up to Church Langton church tower landmark. 

It was pretty going through the village past the church and war memorial, both with daffodil shows, 

Banana Break Pictures are shown below:-

Then back to East Langton past the cricket ground.

The Leicestershire countryside is open and expansive and on one hand this allowed us, at times, to view practically the whole of our route, on the other hand the March winds did sometimes whip across the rolling hills.

The Bell Inn proved to be spacious and welcoming with some good food and hospitality. Four other members of the group joined us. It would be nice to return and perhaps sit on one of the tables in the front garden, if the weather allowed. Thanks to Sue and Jem for organising and leading the walk.

Thanks to Carna B for providing this report 

Pictures were provided by the following:-

Carna B.

Julie S.

Caroline C.

Roger K.

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