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Monthly Archives: NOVEMBER 2017


Thursday 30th November Walk Report.

30 walkers crossed the county border into rural Leicestershire and set out from the Barn at Glooston on Saint Andrew's Day which in spite of blue skies was the coldest day of the Winter so far due to a piercing Arctic wind.
The walk was 5 miles in length and encompassed a variety of terrains from cultivated fields, pasture, woodland and even some parkland around Nosely Hall.
The route was of an undulating (KDRC speak for hills) nature and gave rise to a number of excellent views with the sun shining throughout and unfortunately the wind still blowing.
All of us returned to the Barn with rosy cheeks for an enjoyable and extremely well priced lunch. Three courses for £10.00 makes this a real bargain.

Thanks to Richard G for organising and leading the walk and for Julie S for acting as back marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 30, 2017 20:14  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 16th November 2017 Walk Report.

23 walkers set off from The Lamb at Little Harrowden  for six mile ramble round a collection of Northamptonshire villages. A welcome addition was Anne R who hasn't been out with us for some time

After walking through the village and crossing some dry and mud free fields our first port of call was Great Harrowden albeit only the edge thereof. 

Following a good hard surfaced track for some way and then via a quiet road we touched upon the village of Hardwick before veering off towards Orlingbury over undulating mostly pasture fields several of which had beware of the bull signs but luckily no bovine dangers presented themselves much to the relief of some walkers.

Orilingbury has many of the features of a typical English village with a church, pub and Manor House in close proximity to the village green but sadly no longer a school.

On returning to the pub a number of bicycles were to be seen in the car park. These belonged to a cycling group who were sharing the pub with us. In spite of the numbers involved when the food was served it came very fast and represented excellent value.
We were joined by Sue and Jem C who had come to collect payment for the Christmas walk on the 9th December at Dukes at Woodford. Note if you want to join lunch full payment of £16.00 must be made by 30th November.

Thanks to Robert and Rosemary for organising and leading the walk and to Richard G for acting as part time back marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 16, 2017 20:27  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 11th November 2017 Walk Report.

13 walkers set off from the Star and garter pub in Chelveston at 10.00hrs.
Weather eas dry, overcast with light wind.
They followed the local dog walkers from the village to the ex RAF Chelveston airfield which is now an "energy park" with wind turbines and hundreds of solar panels.

At 11.00 hrs Julie S led the two minutes silence as part of Remembrance Day.
"Lest we Forget."

After leaving the airfield the Three Shires Way was joined which proved to be very muddy after overnight rain. Returning via the airfield the "Largest Bull in the World" was passed but luckily it was on the other side of the fence.

On returning to the pub a hot lunch was served quickly by the staff.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading the walk and for for providing this report.
Thanks to Julie S for acting as back marker and for leading the two minutes silence.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 13, 2017 10:27  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 28th October Walk Report.

11 walkers set off from the Bell inn at Gumley a delightfull village and pub! Heading out towards Saddington via Smeeton hill with wonderfull views of the Leicesterhire countryside on what was a lovely sunny autumn day. This route forms part of the Leicestershire Round (a long distance path of about 100miles that covers some of Leicestershires most attractive countryside.) A brief discussion amongst the group indicated that there might be an interest in doing this as a club,would obviously be done in sections over a period of 2 years. We then walked through Saddington village and after about 3/4 of a mile turned left onto the minor lane taking us back to Gumley skirting past Saddington reservoir, after which there was a fairly stiff climb into Gumley,passing a war memorial on our left and also crowds of people out on what appeared to be a meet of the local hunt. After an excellent lunch at the pub 8 of the party stayed on for the afternoon where we took a path that came out of the village in a south westerly direction heading towards Gumley lodge from where we turned left on the bridle that passed over the Foxton road and towards Foxton locks,thence walking  along the canal in the Leicester direction  before crossing over the canal on a footbridge walking over a couple of fields before a fairly stiff climb (this again is part of the Leicestershire round that covers Foxton Locks)back into the village.

Most of the group had not walked in this area before and they expressed their appreciation with a nice thank you.

Thanks to David S for organising and leading this walk and for providing this report.
Also thanks to Sarah S for acting as back marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  November 06, 2017 17:29  under Walk Reports

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