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Monthly Archives: OCTOBER 2018


New walk cards and newsletter.

The Winter walk cards and newsletters are now available. I will take them to the walk at Rushden on Thursday 1st November. 
Any help with distribution would be most appreciated and would reduce the club's postage bill.
David H.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 24, 2018 19:40  under General

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Thursday 18th October 2018 Walk Report.

18 walkers met in the car park of the Althorp Coaching Inn on a glorious autumn morning with bright sunshine in evidence. The pub was a new venue for us and one feature of the car park was the "Tally HO" bus which was a modern replica of an old style bus as per picture below.

leaving the vilage by way of the church which was undergoing some repairs we then walked down a very pleasant avenue of trees which wwhile not as impressive as the one at Boughton House made for very pleasant walking.

On exiting the avenue a short road stretch gave a good view of Althorp House complete with deer grazing .courtesy on a dip in the wall

The road was soon left behind and after crossing some very pleasant field edge paths we arrived back at Great Brington.

Those who thought this was a nice short walk were soon disillusioned as the route took us out of the village with continuing sunshine and blue skies.

A number of fields were corsed befoe our banana break where superb views of the country side were all around.
Typical views are shown below.

After another couple of fields Little Brington was reached. A notable feature of this part of the county is the number of buildings constructed with ironstone capped by thatch as shown below.

Still the sun continued to shine asthe picture below shows.

Leaving Little Brington the walk cut across several fields leaving the Althorpe  estate.  One stile, which has been replaced since the recee, nearly needed a step ladder to climb and descend it was so high off the ground.
Not the one below which seems to be causing some difficulty for one member. 

The walk headed down to the road  from Whilton to Great Brington. After a short walk along here, passing Thurnburrow Hill on our left, a path led across some fields  to the back road to the pub car park.
The latter part of the walk was punctuated by the evocative sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine powering a Supermarine Spitfire which made several passes overhead and on one occasion was accompanied by another  vintage war plane. Opinions varied as to whether it was a Hawker Hurricane of a German Me.109. It is to be hoped RAF pilots were better at aircraft recognition than our group.
Lunch was served promptly and enjoyed by all in very pleasant surroundings.

Thanks to Peter and Sue H for organising and leading a very pleasant wlak in an area which will provide future walks.
Thanks are also due to Ian B, Julie S and Celia S  for providing pictures.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 23, 2018 12:24  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 1st November Menu.

IIf you are intending to do Ian and Carna's walk on THursday 1st November you will need to pre-order some items on the menu below. 
Rushden Town Bowling Club Walk 1st Nov 2018 Menu (all items £5) 

A (can be ordered on the day)
 Ham, Egg & Chips 
Sandwiches & Chips 
Jacket Potato with two fillings 
Scampi & Chips 
Cheeseburger & Chips 

B (let Ian know at least a week before for these items) 
Shepherds Pie 
Vegetable Soup

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 22, 2018 15:21  under General

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2018 Club Weekend Report.

 36 members travelled to the Wye Valley and The Forest of Dean to stay at The Speech House Hotel for the club weekend.  The weather on arrival and on the Sunday was excellent however the Saturday was a little wet.

On arrival we set off from the hotel into The Forest for about a three mile walk round one of the lakes which used to be open cast mining. We walked through the Arboretum where the early signs of Autumn made this a pleasant picturesque walk. The signs of wild boar were everywhere as lots of the soft terrain had been dug up. Walking was a little uneven at times.

On the Saturday after travelling by coach to Tintern Abbey we split into two groups. The longer and more hilly walk set off climbing high into the forest above the River Wye to reach the Devil’s Pulpit. The view was good despite the damp and misty weather. Much of the route followed Offa’s Dyke long distance footpath. The descent was quite slow as the ground was rocky and covered in wet leaves. We made it back to the Abbey with no mishaps having walked just over 7 miles.  

The second group did a much lower level walk along by the Wye which is tidal. Both groups had an excellent lunch at a pub near the Abbey.

After lunch both groups did a shorter walk; however, quite a few of the walkers decided that some retail therapy was needed and spent the time looking round the nearby craft shops.

The evening meal was excellent with plenty of choice  and was held in the Verderers  Court room which was the hotel restaurant, a grand setting.  Apparently Verderers are officials in Britain who deal with common land in certain former royal hunting areas which are the property of the crown.  

The position was developed in the Middle Ages to administer forest law on behalf of the King.  Verderers investigated and recorded minor offences such as the taking of venison and illegally cutting the woodland. Today Verderers are still found in forests such as the Forest of Dean where they serve to protect commoning practices and conserve the traditional landscape and wildlife.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and again we split into two groups to do local walks.  The short walk set off to explore the sculpture trail in the forest looking at the various exhibits and hearing their history.

The longer walk took a six mile circuit round the forest.  There were a surprising variety of woodland habitats and lakes.  The Forest has lots of trails and cycle paths but it is also easy to use paths that are deserted and very peaceful.  Having the sun shine through the autumnal colours made for an enjoyable walk.

We all met up again at the hotel for a sandwich lunch after which, rather than have an afternoon walk, many members set off to visit the food festival which was happening in the grounds behind the hotel.

It was again a lovely and fun weekend. Thanks go to Secret Hills who organised the hotel and all the walks. 

Thanks also to Carna and Celia for some of the pictures.

Chairman's Note

An extra special thank you is due to Sue H who organised the weekend in conjunction with Secret Hills and to Sue C for looking after the  the financial arrangements.

Thanks are also due to Sue H for providing this detailed and informative report.

                                A wet start

                             A wet climb up to the Devil's Pulpit.

          A dry break in the Moravian Chapel.

                  Breakfast in the Verderers Court.

                                        The long distance Sunday walkers.

                                 The shorter distance Sunday walkers.

            The Cathedral Window on the Sculptor Trail.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 16, 2018 18:37  under Special Occasions

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Thursday 4th October 2018 Walk Report.

16 walkers met in the car park of the Montagu Arms at Barnwell for a somewhat shortened walk to allow people to get home and pack ready for the club weekend which started the next day.
Out route took us via good field paths to the hamlet of Armston which really is tiny. Just before this we met a very persistent horse blocking our path through the gate and a little donkey which was much admired especially by Julie S as witnessed by the picture below.

On exiting Armston we passed a deer park but sadly no deer to be seen as had been the case on the recce walk.

Our break was taken on the edge of a little wood with pleasant views over the surrounding countryside. This was followed by some good field paths before a fairly long road section along which the sound of gunfire from the Oundle Rifle Club range could be heard drifting across the fields.

A fairly early return was made to the pub for an excellent lunch which was credit to Ian who took over the pub a few months ago previously having been mine host at the White Swan at Woodnewton.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading the walk and to Julie S for acting as back marker and model in the donkey picture.
Thanks also to Roger K for providing pictures.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 10, 2018 14:37  under Walk Reports

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