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Monthly Archives: DECEMBER 2018


Season's Greetings.

The committee and I would like to wish all members of KDRC and their families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
David H.
Chairman KDRC.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  December 21, 2018 16:42  under General

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Thursday 13th December 2018 Walk Report.

26 walkers met in the car park of the Horseshoe pub at Sywell on a cold and sunny Winter morning. Thankfully the car park was not an ice rink this as it had been the previous year.

After ordering lunch we drove to the car park at Sywell Reservoir Country Park where after mastering the complexities of the Pay and Display machine we were ready for the off.

                                        Under starter's orders.

Much work has been done to improve the path around the reservoir and provides good going.

The reservoir is home to a substantial bird population and some of its inhabitants are shown below.

Half way round a stop was made for the traditional seasonal refreshments of mulled wine ( alcoholic and non-alcoholic for the more abstemious) and home made mince pies.

Mr.Kipling may make exceedingly good cakes but Sue H makes absolutely scrumptious mince pies.
They were so good that nothing was left of them on the nearby bird table.

The final part of the walk was along the dam wall and completed a magical morning's walking.

We then returned to the Horseshoe where most of the food was delivered fairly promptly in spite of the pub being busy. The only exception was for those who had ordered fresh cooked liver and bacon which when it came looked to be well worth the wait.

The most enormous thanks are due to Peter and Sue H for organising and leading the walk and for providing the seasonal refreshments.

Thanks are also due to Carna B for providing a photographic record of a classic KDRC Winter walk.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  December 14, 2018 20:27  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 8th December 2018 Xmas Lunch at Bull's Head Arthingworth Pictures.

Below are a series of pictures taken during this year's Xmas Lunch kindly provided by Vonnie M.

   It is not known whether the applause was for the content or the brevity of the
 Chairman's speech.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  December 13, 2018 20:57  under Special Occasions

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A Christmas Cracker of a Walk and Lunch Saturday 8th December 2018.

26 walkers met in front of the Bull's Head at Arthingworth prior to the start of the traditional Xmas walk.
Also in attendance was Maddy the dog in festive costume as below.

Our route took us through the village and over some undulating fields to the village of Harrington. Just prior to the village some earthworks ( known as the Falls) associated with the long gone manor were passed.

On looking back from the edge of the village it could be seen that the bright Winter sunshine cast long shadows.

Walking through Harrington we entered the churchyard to have our banana break.

During the break the opportunity was taken for a group picture.

After the break a downhill stretch of road brought us to the start of a path over several undulating fields. Thankfully the track was in good condition after recent rain.

Thanks to the undulating nature of the terrain the group were able to enjoy some good views.

                                         Are we there yet? Nearly!

On returning to the pub we were joined by a number of non walking members plus one guest.
Prior to lunch the chairman made a short speech thanking everyone for coming plus special thanks to Sue and Jem C for organising not only the walk but also all the luncheon arrangements including collecting monies etc.
Thanks were also given to Sarah S for providing the charming individual menu reminder cards.
Thanks are also due to Carna B for providing the en route pictures.
The lunch pictures will be the subject of a separate post.


posted by CHANGERINGER on  December 11, 2018 20:34  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 29th November 2018 Walk Report.

21 walkers met in the car park of the The Bell at Little Addington on what could be described as a fairly miserable morning with strong gusty winds blowing and the threat of rain..
Our route took us up through the village and on to a couple of fields which in the pre-walk briefing were described as "claggy" and proved to be so.

We then reached the River Nene and followed the route of the Nene Way which to the writer's mind is synonymous with mud as shown in the picture below.

The path led us past the Frontier Activities Centre where in the distance archery practice could just be seen.

We then crossed  the River Nene ( or was it a backwater? It seems to have so many channels) by the bridge below.

After this we joined the route of the old Nene Valley Railway line on and a good surfaced patu took us past the Stanwick Lakes Centre. It is amazing to think that the lake are the result of sand and gravel extraction as they look so natural.

We took oor banana break near the curious structure shown below. It appears to be a part completed roundhouse or is it an art work?

                             Sculpture or structure?

Continuing on the old railway track the skies darkened and a very sharp but thankfully very short rain shower occurred but this soon passed and was followed by some blue skies as below.

The railway track was left at the site of the old Ringstead and Addington station and the various channels of the River Nene were crossed before some field edge paths took us back to the road into the village and  back to the pubwhere lunch was served promptly and offered good value for money.

Thanks to Robert and Rosemary W for organising and leading this walk and to Carna B for providing her always delightful pictures.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  December 02, 2018 11:42  under Walk Reports

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