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Monthly Archives: MARCH 2018


Need a pair of walking poles?

Grace Brown has kindly donated a pair of Highlander Mull walking poles to the club. If any member could make use of them please contact the chairman on the usual number.
A contribution to the goodwill fund would be much appreciated.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 27, 2018 16:18  under General

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FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2018

Thursday 22nd March Walk Report plus Pictures.

24 walkers met up in the car park of the Black Horse at Elton on what appeared to be the first Spring like day for a long time.
 There was a slight delay whilst one member who hadn't even booked in arrived as everyone else was about to set off. If she had been much later she would have missed the walk completely.
Note: If you haven't booked in it's your own fault if people don't know to wait for you if you turn up late.

Eventually we set off past the church and down through the fields to join a track which gave views of the back of Elton Hall, see picture below.

                                               Elton Hall
Passing through some woods a number of poly tunnels were passed which gave rise to much discussion as to what was being grown in them.

A noisy stretch close to the A605 took us to Warmington Mill which is a lovely spot. Until recently the mill was occupied by a company called Fired Earth who among other things sold AGA cookers.

                                          Warmington Mill
We then crossed some meadows and made another crossing of the Nene and headed towards Fotheringhay but turned off to the right after about half a mile and stopped for our banana break.

                                        Sheep May Safely Graze

Much refreshed we walked along good dry field edges then joined the route old Nene Valley railway before turning off back towards Elton passing Elton Mill and crossing the Nene yet again. Re-tracing our route back passed the church we soon arrived at the pub for lunch.

It has to be said that the Black Horse is  towards the upper end of the cost spectrum for pub food and their take on the old Ramblers favourite of ham,egg and chips varied from from very dry to inedible ham certainly at the writer's table. There is another pub in the village, perhaps worth a try next time.

This was the debut walk as leaders for Jim and Fiona R and an excellent job they made of it.
Many thanks to them and hopefully they will be tempted to lead again some time in the future.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 23, 2018 20:05  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 17th March 2018 Walk Report.

Thankfully the forecast snow made no appearance as 13 hardy souls met in the car park of the Wharf Inn at Welford although a persistent Siberian wind was blowing at gale force. Whether this was part of Mr. Putin's retaliation for recent events it is not possible to say.
It should have been 17 members but 4 members couldn't tell Welham from Welford and picked the wrong one to go to.

After walking through the village our route took us over some squelchy field edge paths and over some undulations, finally arriving at the canal. Always accompanied by Putin's Revenge but thankfully only the occasional snow flurry.
On joining the canal towpath the sun began to peek through the clouds but the wind never abated. Indeed the first boat we saw appeared to be struggling to make any headway at all.

We had our first break in the shelter of a canal bridge where we were passed by three horse riders. 
Apart from a couple of hardy boaters these were the only other people we met on what is normally a popular walk with locals.

We eventually reached the Welford arm of the canal which took us back to the pub where we were joined by the four navigationally challenged members for a well deserved lunch.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading the walk in spite of his recent surgery and to Julie S for acting as back marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 17, 2018 16:12  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 8th March 2018 Walk Report.

16 members met in the car park of the Dukes at Woodford under glowering skies that promised rain if not sleet as per the forecast for the area. it was good to see Shirley H back with us and BIll J back from the Antipodes complete with new beard.

The route was a bit different from the normal Woodford walks and came courtesy of the chairamn's wife. it led us through the villag to cross a field with views over the Nene Valley which by this time were obscured by steady drizzle accompanied by a strong driving wind. We then passed up through Woodford Spinney which kept us out ofr the wind for a short time. From the edge of the Spinney views were obtained of the eyesore that is the Primark across the A14.

After a couple of fields we had to walk up the slip road  to the A14 which although it has a proper pavement is very narrow and extra hi-vis waistcoats were worn. This must be one of the worst footpath diversions in the county.

After about half a mile on a good concrete tracks we joined the old Nene  Valley railway line and stayed on it as far as Woodford Lock. A loop following the river took us to Denford bridge where civil engineering works are in progress which has resulted in a good temporary track being laid which was gratefully utilised apart from the section where it had sunk causing a flooded gateway. At least it cleaned our boots on the way back to Woodford Lock.

Following the river bank for a short distance we then crested a rise and re-entered the Spinney where a fallen tree which hadn't been there the  previous week proved a source of hilarity with the variety of crossing techniques adopted.
Exiting the Spinney we crossed the last field back to the village where we soon arrived at the warm and welcoming Dukes for an excellent and well priced lunch.
The Dukes does main courses during the week for £6 which as the say in Glasgow is "pure dead brilliant so it is".

The walk was led by the chairman and thanks are due to Mrs. H for providing the route and to Lou L for acting as abck marker.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 09, 2018 14:48  under Walk Reports

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The new date for the A.G.M. is 16th March. Same venue as before, St. Andrews Church Hall at 7.30pm.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 05, 2018 8:44  under General

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