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Monthly Archives: JULY 2018

MONDAY, JULY 30, 2018

Thursday 26th July Walk Report.

13 walkers ( who were joined later by a further three who had been held up by roadworks en route) set off from Launde Abbey for what was on the list as a 5.5 mile walk over undulating countryside ( for those of you not aware undulating is KDRC speak for hilly).
The day was forecast to be the hottest day of the heatwave and so it proved.The walk also proved to be somewhat longer than 5.5 miles with one walker measuring it at a shade over seven miles.

Within a short distance of setting off we thankfully entered the shade of Launde Park Wood where we were joined by those who had been held up by the roadworks who were nevertheless in good spirits as seen in the picture below.

In the midst of the woods a  brief navigation stop was made.

From entering the woods and for a while afterwards our route saw us gain altitude which gave rise to some spectacular views of the Leicestershire countryside.

On reaching maximum altitude a choice was available as to whether people wanted take take a short cut back to the Abbey or continue with the full route. Four sensible people opted for this whilst the rest ignoring the scorching temperature continued onwards. For what was supposedly and additional two miles.
Truly ignorance is bliss. Some very undulating countryside followed mostly undulating upwards.
Long stretches across open fields were crossed.

                              "There's a long long trail a winding........."

Due to the recent hot weather much of the ground underfoot was extremely rutted and and hard which did not make the going any easier.

Eventually with water bottles empty and some slightly later than planned a return was made to the Abbey where we were joined by John C for lunch which according to some reports was  not up to Launde's usual standard.

Thanks to Richard G for organising and leading what can only be described a challenging walk in view of the weather, terrain and pace at times.
Thanks also to Julie S for acting as back marker and to Ian B for providing the pictures.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 30, 2018 8:58  under Walk Reports

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SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2018

Saturday 21st July 2018 Walk Report.

We met at The Red Lion PH in the centre of Crick for a 5½ mile walk to Yelvertoft and back. Most of the route is along a quiet and picturesque section of the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union Canal. So, 15 walkers set off, going past St Margaret’s Church, over a bridge above Crick by-pass and into the community playing fields area. Here there is the new Somme 100 Memorial circle with a Tommy carved from oak, a plaque and specially commissioned bench. 

A little further on, we walked along the towpath of the canal. 

This took us around Crack’s Hill where later we were to climb to the top. At Bridge 17 we turned away from the canal and headed straight to Yelvertoft and the church there.

Here we had our coffee break and many sat in their well-equipped kitchen area. Back on the canal-side we headed back towards Crick, deviating across the fields to be able to climb the ‘undulation’- Crack’s Hill. At the top there is a helpful ‘map-dial’ to recognise places and the surrounding views.

 Finally we re-joined the canal and went past Crick Marina (where a large canal boat festival is held every year) passing one of the surprisingly few boats seen on the walk.

                                   " I see no ships"  Should have gone to Specsavers!

 Back at the pub we enjoyed reasonably priced lunches and we said we would be happy to do the same again, next year!
Thanks to Ian and Carna B for organisng and leading a very enjoyable walk in brilliant Summer sunshine. Thanks to them for also providing very welcome refreshments in the church and for providing this report and pictures.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 22, 2018 9:14  under Walk Reports

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SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018

Thursday 12th July 2018 Walk Report.

!8 members met on a very cool morning compared with recent days for a five mile walk led by the chairman in lieu of Robert W who was attending the funeral of a former member.
We were joined by John H doing his first Thursday walk in a long time.

After ordering lunch we made our way across a pretty stream which still had some water flowing in it Se picture below.

On the rising slope to Southwick Woods the ground was absolutely parched with many large cracks. A sign that rain is desperately needed.
We passed through the woods and on emerging crossed a stream which had dried up completely.

Following a number of field edge paths (as per picture below) we made our way past Cheeseman's Farm and via a diverted footpath to pass Lodge farm then to Tomlins Wood where we had our break.

Following our break we made our way downhill via a fairly rutted section made worse by the recent dry weather and back into the woods.
After a few hundred yards ( none of these metres here) we turned left onto a good hard track which took us back to where we originally entered the woods. There was a nicely placed bench here and a good view to be had so a brief rest was taken .
As we were back slightly earlier there was time for a brief visit to the church to view the marble statue as below.

Then back to the pub where we were joined by Julia B for lunch which although took a little while to come offered good value for money. Due to the prevailing coolness we did not avail ourselves of the large gazebo outside.

Thanks are due to Robert W for providing the route and to Sue H for acting as back marker.
Thanks also to Carna B for providing her always delightful pictures.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 15, 2018 14:50  under Walk Reports

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MONDAY, JULY 2, 2018

Saturday 23rd June Derbyshire Walk Report.

16 walker met bright and early at the Corn Market ready for the trip to Derbyshire for a ten mile walk in the Peak District.

Their destination was Bakewell and soon after arriving Julie S was in seventh heaven as she came across a dog show with all sorts to be seen.

Their route took them onto Rowsley where they passed some calves being reared for veal.

Next stop was Beeley for lunch at the Devonshire Arms where the landlord had thoughtfully provided a supply of "Doggy Ale" which would be most welcome to any passing canines due to the temperatures. Unfortunately it was marked as 0% alcohol so of less value to dog owners.

Also at St Anne's Church at Beeley and example of the Peak District tradition of Well Dressing was on display this celebrating 100 years since the granting of the vote to women by way of honouring the sacrifice of Emily Davison who took the Suffragettes motto of "Deeds not Words" to extreme lengths by throwing herself in front of the King's horse during the 1913 Derby and later died of injuries sustained.

After passing Chatsworth House their route took them down the hill to Baslow where their minibus was waiting to return them safe and sound to Kettering after a very welcome ice cream.

 An outing like this requires an enormous effort and all credit is due to Steven T who organised every aspect of the trip including transport,route planning and leading  on the day. and giving members a truly memorable day in this beautiful part of the country.
Thanks are due to Roy's Minibuses who provided transport and driver.
Thanks are also due to Julie S who acted as back marker and also provided this report and photographs.

In the words of Old Mr. Grace "You've all done very well".

posted by CHANGERINGER on  July 02, 2018 8:56  under Walk Reports

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