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Monthly Archives: AUGUST 2018


Thursday 23rd August 2018 Walk Report.

20 walkers met in a very congetesd car park at the Fox at Hallaton for a 5.5 mile scenic walk over the Leicestershire Wolds. 
The reason for the congestion was that the pub were having a music festival over the coming weekend and numerous vehicles were involved in setting up the event.

As part of the briefing two visitors Josie and Hazel were welcomed. Hopefully they will join us on future walks.

Our route took us down Goady Road and passed the site of the old MOttw and Bailey castle then over a dry ford and  along a stretch of road on a gently rising gradient. Turning off the road a good hard track some good views were visible.
Turning off the track and across on of only three stiles on the walk we crossed a freshly harvested field which was still dry and cracked. Unfortunately the next couple of fields had been harrowed and with the the recent rain were a bit sticky underfoot. The shape of things to come over the next few months?

We then reached the Midshires Way and followed this to Keythorpe Hall Farm where we enjoyed our banana break. On walking through the farm which is a large dairying operation we were approached by the farmer who asked if we wanted to see a calf which had just been born. Exit stage left to said shed and amidst much ooing and aahing numerous pictures were taken, one of which si shown below.

Unfortunately time did not permit us to see it get to it's feet  so we pressed on across tracks and fields
then via a gentle rise onto a ridgeway which gave spectacular view on both side almost all the way back to Hallaton where we were joined by Margaret B for lunch which was served promptly and apart from one under cooked sausage incident was enjoyed by all if the number of clean plates was a guide.

The walk was led by the chairman who wishes to thank Julie S for acting as back marker and to Roger K for providing the calf picture.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  August 24, 2018 14:55  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 18th August 2018 Walk Report.

Six walkers and a dog set off from Everdon on a warm and pleasant day.

                             Everdon Church

We set off on narrow lanes and well marked footpaths over to Newham. The church was open and we chatted with a parishioner  who told us they had just had their roof lead stolen. The church was interesting as the tower was open at the bottom forming three  large archways.

                            Newham Church

                   Newham Old School Sign

                      Our route then followed a very small River Nene on the long distance Nene Valley Way footpath. We arrived in Badby in the morning to discover they were having a coffee afternoon to raise money for Marie Curie.  A mental note was made to return later in the day!

                              Badby Church

The route out of Badby  was quite hilly as the path circled the woods, better known for their bluebells in the spring.  We were now walking on the Knightly Way with wonderful views over to Fawsley Hall and church.

                                Fawsley Hall

                                                          Fawsley Lakes

                                                                Fawsley Church.

On arrival at the church we stopped to have our picnic and enjoyed the views over the lakes and surrounding countryside.

The final section after lunch headed up and around the edge of Everdon Hill and down into Everdon village.  This was an excellent walk with clearly marked paths over mainly pastures with sheep and cows.

Three of us then set off by car back to Badby  to enjoy some excellent cakes and a very warm welcome at the village hall.  A perfect end to the day!

              Yummy Cakes Served With a Smile

Thanks to Sue and Peter H for organising and leading a walk full of interesting things to see over what might have been  pastures new for some walkers. 

It is disappointing it wasn't better supported. The club tries to put on a variety of walks and they are not always on our doorstep but in this age of sat navs etc you won't get lost so don't be afraid to try somewhere different.

Thanks also to Sue H for providing this report and the excellent pictures

posted by CHANGERINGER on  August 19, 2018 14:30  under Walk Reports

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Sunday 12th August 2018 Walk Report.

Twenty walkers and a dog set off from Poplar Farm Road for a gentle walk over to Grafton Underwood.  The walk took us on footpaths over and round fields with good views over to the Cranford Road.   

The newish primary school looked as though it had been built in a field but the housing projects will eventually circle the school.  In the other direction one could see the beginning of the large housing development and the knowledge that eventually the whole area will be houses. 

A cream tea was our reward at Grafton Underwood village hall. Teas are held on every Sunday in August to raise money for the local church. The weather was kind enabling us to sit outside although it also enabled the wasps to join us!
Eventually we dragged ourselves away and headed back over the fields to the car. Sadly, in a year or two this walk will not be as pleasant due to what feels like a never ending growth of housing.

Thanks to Rona and Vera for capably leading the walk and their husbands for being back markers.
Thanks also to Sue H for providing this report.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  August 16, 2018 9:10  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 9th August 2018 Walk Report.

9th August 2018. CIRCULAR: CASTLE ASHBY - COGHENHOE - WHISTON, 5.5 miles.


For the first time ever Peter and Sue H, in support of walk leader Roger K arrived before any other members on a refreshingly  cooler and cloudy morning at the Castle Ashby Shopping Yard. 18 walkers assembled and ordered lunch at the The Buttery café, NN7 1LF. 

As they set off on a roadside path to the hamlet of Chadstone the leaders were delighted to find an overgrown hedgerow encroaching across the path had recently been cut.

Turning NW on the 'Northamptonshire Round' path passing fields ready for harvest and through shady dells, including Whiston Spinney and The Firs, walkers negotiated three sets of steps including those named 'Jerusalem' before dropping down into the edge of Coghenhoe village. 

After the customary 'banana stop' where they sat on an artificial bridge of small rocks conveniently placed as part of Nene drainage works and a short section of road walking, they climbed into the traditional village of Whiston to sample fine views over the Nene Valley and a visit to the wide open and welcoming 16th century St Mary's Parish Church: 

' On a hill, quite on its own, reached only on foot. The church is indeed a monument, built to one man (Anthony Catesby), and not altered since'.(Pevsner)

Another short section of downhill road walking brought them back for lunch, which fortunately was taken inside, its conclusion coinciding with a heavy rain storm - welcome rain after many dry weeks and mud-free boots! 

Thanks are due to a number of people:-

To Roger K for organising and leading a most enjoyable walk in what was pastures new for many walkers. Also for providing this report and pictures.

Thanks to Sue H for acting as back marker and for helping ensure lunches were dispensed correctly.

Thanks are also due to our Bill J for pruning on the day and Peter H who can be seen hard at work in the picture below clearing the path prior to the walk.

      Do you think the club funds would stretch to a machete?

posted by CHANGERINGER on  August 11, 2018 8:26  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 4th August Walk Report.

On the 104th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1 and with the temperature climbing upwards  8 walkers  set off from the  the Horse and Jockey at Manton.
They proceeded along the McMillan Way towards the village of Brooke. The route being part of a ridgeway which gave rise to some excellent views of the Rutland countryside.

Due to the elevated tempeature several water stops were made before the banana break was taken at St. Peters Church and Sue C and Julie S bought some locally produced jam with proceeds going to the church funds.

A return was then made back to Manton with several mares being seen en route as this is after all a horsey part of the world. To use racing parlance the going was extremely hard and care had to be taken with walking pole poles lodging in the cracks.

John C joined the group for lunch which was excellent in spite dozens of cyclists taking food and drink.

Thanks to John A for organising and leading the walk and for providing this report. Thanks also to Julie S for acting as back marker. It is to be hoped she enjoyed her jam.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  August 05, 2018 11:01  under Walk Reports

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