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Monthly Archives: SEPTEMBER 2018



In order to complete the new card Gloria is in urgent need of people to lead weekend walks.
If you can help please contact Gloria ASAP please.

Remember: No leaders-no walks.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 23, 2018 11:27  under General

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Saturday 15th September 2018 Walk Report.

It was again a poor turnout of only 5 walkers, consisting of Julie S John A, Phil L plus Sarah S and myself on what was to prove to be a most delightful walk taking in picturesque villages  and historic churches.

Commencing from the Hare and Hounds pub in Greatford our route lead us past grounds  of Greatford Hall before entering open countryside which lead us into Banthorpe wood and thence back into open country.A short section of road walking took us into Braceborough village and as the church was open we decided that this was a good place to have our break.


And so on to our next church stop at the tiny village of Wilsthorpe. Interesting  architecture with an 18th century interior. Inside was a fascinating world war one exhibition with photographs of soldiers from the local area who never came home placed on individual chairs throughout the church.


Careful navigating due to lack of signs (which is why I came to the area to walk it out twice to refresh my memory) took us over the East Glen river past small pockets of woodland before arriving back at the pub where the food was quite good but drinks expensive(Julie paid £8.60 for 2 pints of lager and lime!)The landlord blamed it on the sugar tax!


The afternoon walk consisted of a short route into the neighbouring village of Barholm with its lovely part norman church our 3rd church stop of the day exploring the interior. Suprisingly for a very small village it still supports a pub. We continued through fields on a path that continues over the east coast mainline on a foot crossing forming a route into historic Casewick Park.But as I had planned a short walk for the afternoon we retraced our steps when we reached the railway and went back on the path as far as Barholm village but returned back into Greatford taking minor roads that took us past the grounds of Greatford Hall viewing the frontage before arriving back at the pub.


Greatford lies approximately 5 miles north east of Stamford heading towards the Bourne direction and was well known in years gone by as a spa area.


A station existed until about the 1950s about a mile and a half north of Bracebrorough village where you can still see on maps Spa house and Spa farm.This railway ran from a junction with the east coast line at Essendine and terminated at Bourne.


The total mileage for the whole day was 6 for the morning and about 3 for the afternoon.

Despite this being a figure of 8 walk where people had 3 choices (just morning,or afternoon or whole day) only 3 members choose to support us,although it would have been a 4th but Steven T could not come at the last minute due to a leaking roof at home.


  Its a great pity that despite our hard work in trying to cater for every one again we feel let down,but I record here our thanks to Julie John and Phil who showed their loyalty and friendship and support. There does seem to be an opinion around a large part of the club that weekend walks are too long

Largely speaking this is not true especially when a figure of 8 is offered.

Thanks to David S for organising and leading the walk and for providing this report.

Thanks are also due to Sarah S for acting as back marker and to Juile S for providing pictures.


posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 23, 2018 11:05  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 20th September 2018 Walk Report.

Walk from the Half Moon Inn, Grendon.

The day got off to an unpromising start with overcast skies and rain; and a serious traffic accident on the A45 led to road closures which delayed some walkers, notably the leaders.


17 walkers set out from the Half Moon around 10.20am.   The route was across fields from Grendon to the lane linking Castle Ashby to Parklands Farm, past this farm to the road between Grendon and Yardley Hastings, right at this junction, then left on to a bridleway after about 300yards and we followed this to Easton Maudit for a coffee break at the church where several walkers took the opportunity to visit Derek Nimmo’s grave ("Actor, Wit, Life Enhancer”).


After the break we continued north along a footpath along the side of fields for about half a mile, then half left on to another footpath across fields and emerged into Chequers Lane in Grendon, and back to the Half Moon.


The walk, around 5 miles in all, was easy going for the most part with only two stiles and footpaths fairly well marked (some signs obscured by hedge growth); three fields had been shallow ploughed recently and, with recent rain having made the mud sticky, were slower going.   We arrived back at the Half Moon at around 12.30pm.


We started in persistent light rain which continued most of the way to our coffee break; afterwards it was drier although still overcast and threatening.


The Half Moon have a system for walkers in which everyone orders food and drinks before departure; the leader rings the Half Moon when about 15 minutes from expected arrival time back for lunch and the drinks are laid out ready on arrival.   This helps the pub by avoiding a mob of customers crowding round the bar, and means walkers can be sitting down with drinks soon after arriving.  The system worked very well and is much to be commended and the food was served promptly and walkers thought it was both good, and good value.


Thanks to Robert and Rosemary for organising and leading the walk and also for providing this report.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 21, 2018 15:25  under Walk Reports

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Lift wanted.for Thursday 20th September.

One of our walkers who lives on ST. Johns Road in Kettering needs a lift for Thursday's walk as i cannot take her as previuosly arranged.
Can anyone give her a lift please?
If you can please give me a ring on my usual phone number and I can provide details of address etc.
David H.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 16, 2018 11:13  under General

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Use Them or Lose Them?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get enough walk leaders to commit to leading Saturday walks so that we have a full programme for the card.
What makes it even more difficult is the continuing poor numbers attending some of these walks which is extremely disheartening for the leaders concerned.

it is now getting to the stage that some previous leaders are considering giving up on leading walks which  would be a sad situation.
If you don't like the walks on offer please tell us because if nothing changes it might be a case of use them or lose them.

David H,

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 11, 2018 11:41  under General

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