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Monthly Archives: OCTOBER 2019


John McMillan Funeral Details.

John's funeral will take place on Tuesday 22nd October at St. Botolph's Church, Barton Seagrave at 1.30pm.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 15, 2019 19:38  under Special Occasions

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John McMillan.

Sadly I have to report that John McMIllan passed away on Tuesday of this week. Details of the funeral arrangements are not known at this time but will be published as soon as they are available.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 12, 2019 8:49  under General

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Club Weekend 4th to 6th October 2019 Report

Club Weekend  4th to 6th October  2019

The annual club weekend was held at Newton House Hotel near Ashbourne in Derbyshire.  26 members  attended and we were joined  by four leaders from Secret Hills the organisation who arranged our accommodation and led the walks.

When most people had arrived after lunch on the Friday we set off for a 5 mile walk which  left from the hotel along the Tissington Trail down to the pretty village of Parwich , through Alsop en le Dale and back to the hotel.  It certainly proved quite a challenging walk as after all the rain  the gateways and stiles were very muddy. 

  The stiles came in a range of shapes and sizes and the squeeze ones being particually troublesome to those with short legs!

On the Saturday we split into two grades of walk.  The more adventurous (or daft) did a circular walk of just over 9 miles which included 1900 feet of ascent. They headed from the hotel down to Milldale which is a pretty valley with a packhorse bridge. From there they crossed the river Dove  and up a sharp ascent to Ilam Rock. A packed lunch was very welcome after the climb and the views from Bunster Hill over the Manifold Dale were beautiful.  They then dropped down to the river again at the popular tourist spot of Dovedale, enjoyed an ice cream before making there way to the Stepping Stones. 

Not only was the water quite high it was also very busy with anxious children and dogs causing a bottleneck. 

Our leader Keith eventually crossed the stones and picked up a nervous dog carrying it back to the side.   Everyone completed this challenge successfully and after a walk up Lin Dale arrived back at the hotel.

Group B meanwhile covered a distance of just over 6 miles taking a slightly tricky descent down Nabs Dale to Milldale. By the time they arrived  there a tiny coffee shop was open making a welcome  break. They then walked upstream and enjoyed their lunch at Coldeaton Bridge. Following the ascent out of the valley they reached the Tissington Trail before descending to Alsop en le Dale. A short climb brought them back to the hotel and a welcome cup of tea.

The weather forecast for the Sunday had been dire but the day dawned reasonably bright if a little breezy.  Two levels of walk were again organised.  Group A  covered similar ground as the B walk the day before with a few extra twists whist the B walk headed off to Tissington for morning coffee before using farm tracks to return to the hotel.  A roast lunch was laid on by the hotel with such enormous portions we could all have done with another walk to burn it off!  It was then time for goodbyes with people setting off in different directions. Some were staying another night, some having a holiday elsewhere and others straight home.

An excellant weekend.  Looking forward to Cromer next year!

Thanks to Sue H form organising this very successful weekend. Even with the help of Secret Hills it stiill involves an enormous amount of work on her part. Sue also provided this report and several of the photographs. 

Also a special thanks to Sue C for handling all the financial matters associated with the weekend.

Thanks also to Teresa M and Judith E for providing additional pictures many of which are shown below. 

 (Apologies for not including every picture but it is one of the drawbacks with our current website is that loading pictures takes an inordinate amount of time. I have tried to show a representative sample of people and scenery. David H.)

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 10, 2019 10:36  under Special Occasions

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Thursday 3rd October 2019 Walk Report.

Seventeen KDRC members plus new walkers Margaret and Anthea met at The Wollaston Inn on a bright autumnal morning. 

Heading out of Wollaston on a narrow path between houses we soon encountered five very handsome alpacas and three large grunty pigs. 

Downhill through Wollaston Cricket Club grounds and safely crossing the busy A509 the next obstacle was a recently ploughed muddy field obliterating our rightful footpath. 

Onwards and upwards through a soggy low growing rape field (more like young cabbages!) we soon reached our highest point with a marvellous panoramic view of Grendon and surrounding countryside.

Entering Grendon and down through the village, stopping for a Roger (sorry, Banana! ) break at The Half Moon,

 We headed back towards Wollaston over several stiles. Eventually entering Strixton through a field of spritely sheep. Also met en route were some Shetland ponies and a young lady taking her horse for a walk.

Then a walk through the woods we emerged again into our muddy field and re-crossed the A509. Re-acquaintance with alpacas and pigs it was time to get our snouts in the trough for an enjoyable lunch and welcome drink. 

Well done newcomers Margaret and Anthea and all members for completing six miles, numerous stiles, multiple kissing gates and thousands of soggy cabbages!!!

Thanks to Paul B for organising and leading this walk and providing this report and some of the photographs.

Thanks to Lou L, Richard G for acting as back marker at various times.

Additional pictures were supplied by Caroline C.


posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 06, 2019 10:57  under Walk Reports

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Lack of Walk Reports.

Some of you may be wondering why there has been a dearth of walk reports of late and the answer is quite simple, I am not getting any. I used to do the Thursday ones myself but as I don't do the full walks I cannot write them up fully.
I also appreciate that we have our Facebook page where members do post pictures and snippets from walks but at moment only around a third of the membership have joined the group. 

So could I ask that walk leaders or indeed anyone on a walk lets me have a few paragraphs which I can post on the blog. This applies to both Saturday and Thursday walks. No need for epics descriptions or a re-write of War and Peace just a few brief details of start, numbers, distance, things observed en route.

You may not win the Pullitzer prize for journalism but you will earn my thanks and ensure we keep putting new content onto the website which is how the public can see what we do.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  October 01, 2019 13:45  under General

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