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Monthly Archives: MARCH 2019


Saturday 16th March 2019 Walk Report.

15 walkers including one visitor/new walker ( welcome Andy N.) met in the car park of the Hare at Loddington on a blowy March morning although the very high winds kept the rain that was forecast away, 

                        Welcome Andy N.

Leaving the Hare at Loddington we crossed the fields up and down over the feeder 

streams to the reservoir to Cransleyvillage, then along the Mawsley Rd 
to Cransley Wood where we had our banana break.

The  path through the wood was a bit muddy and then we were  onto the old iron stone railway track.

After leaving the railway track we were back to grass fields, one gateway had about 4 
inches of muddy water.

As we came back to Loddington we passed a field  

with alpacas who thought that we were interesting.

Also some horses who were probably after some food only to be sadly disappointed

 Back in Loddington we passed some expensive houses and then the church.

Back at the pub we were joined by four non walkers for a very good meal.

Thanks to Bill J for organising and leading his first and hopefully not last Saturday walk .

Thanks to Julie S for back marking and taking photos which probably explains why she is in so many of them.

( Only joking Julie)

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 19, 2019 11:06  under Walk Reports

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Thursday 7th March 2019 Walk Report.

Today we had a good, invigorating, 5 mile walk led by Sue and Jem from The Bell Inn at East Langton in what could be described as blustery and unsettled weather. 

 First, 5 new people were welcomed and introduced, bringing the total number of walkers today to 33 – a large group.

I learnt that there is more than one Langton! We started from East Langton and walking along the Leicestershire Round took us east to Thorpe Langton, then north to near Stonton Wyville. After a short stretch along a road and crossing a stream.

 Leg over when not necessary!

We then made our way across a large ‘bumpy’ field with sheep up to Church Langton church tower landmark. 

It was pretty going through the village past the church and war memorial, both with daffodil shows, 

Banana Break Pictures are shown below:-

Then back to East Langton past the cricket ground.

The Leicestershire countryside is open and expansive and on one hand this allowed us, at times, to view practically the whole of our route, on the other hand the March winds did sometimes whip across the rolling hills.

The Bell Inn proved to be spacious and welcoming with some good food and hospitality. Four other members of the group joined us. It would be nice to return and perhaps sit on one of the tables in the front garden, if the weather allowed. Thanks to Sue and Jem for organising and leading the walk.

Thanks to Carna B for providing this report 

Pictures were provided by the following:-

Carna B.

Julie S.

Caroline C.

Roger K.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 09, 2019 11:38  under Walk Reports

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Mary Morris Jones Funeral Arrangements.

Some of our more senior members may remember Mary Morris Jones who has recently passed away.
For those interested in paying their respects her funeral will take place at 1.00pm at St Botolph's Church in Baron Seagrave on Monday 11th March.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 07, 2019 21:04  under General

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Saturday 2nd February 2019 Walk Report.

16 walkers and two dogs met at The Snooty Fox in Lowick ready to set off for a late Winter/early Spring walk.

The day started off with a bit of a chilly breeze and then within half an hour the sun was out and it became very warm. After leaving the pub we walked from Lowick up to Drayton Manor which is a beautiful building as seen in the pics and is one of the hidden gems of Northamptonshire. The walk actually skirted within feet of the side and back of the main building. We also took the opportunity for a group photograph in front of the house.

We then cut through fields ending up in Slipton, another lovely village and home to the Samuel Pepys pub whose gable end could do with a visit from Lou and Keith.

Then the  footpath actually went through a 5 bar gate right into someone's garden and about 20 feet further on another small gate which went across fields and down to Twywell, coming out at The Old Friar.

  The worst of the walk was then a 3/4 mile trek along a busyish country road which was a little unpleasant but then back through fields, across a bridge over a "babbling" brook which had suprisingly very clear water.

We then came out onto the main road in Lowick and a short distance from the Pub.  Two members joined us then at the Snooty Fox for very reasonably priced meals.

Thanks to Gloria S and Vonnie M for organising, leading and back marking this walk. Thanks also to Vonnie for pictures and providing the report. Thanks also to Julie S for additional photographs.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  March 04, 2019 14:48  under Walk Reports

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