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Monthly Archives: SEPTEMBER 2019


I Want Go For a Walk, Not Invade Poland!*

This was a comment from a walker following a recent walk and I will try to explain how it arose.

One aspect of being a successful walking group is the sometimes high numbers attending walks, especially on a Thursday and this brings its own issues.

With a large group there is a wide variation in the speed that individuals naturally walk at which leads to stringing out of the group. When this occurs walk leaders should should bear in mind the need for catch ups. 

I would suggest a simple rule as to when catch ups are required: if you can’t see the back marker then think about a pause till you can.

Also think about the speed the group needs to go at to complete the walk. Plan walks that can be completed in reasonable time and speed and if running slightly late don’t up the pace, it would be better to ring the pub and let them know.

*I think what this means is I want a bit of exercise not go on a route march.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 25, 2019 13:54  under General

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Wollaston Walk Pub Menu for Pre-ordering.

The pub have asked that we pre-order our meals before the walk on Thursday 3rd October. The menu is shown below so if you intend to have lunch could you let Paul B know your choice please. Paul can be contacted on 07413209202  .

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 23, 2019 8:27  under General

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Thursday 4th September Walk Report.

25 members met in the car park of the Manor House Hotel in Alconbury on a bright sunny breezy day for a five mile walk.

A notable feature of the car park is a curiously carved tree as per the pictures below.

During the pre-walk briefing Jem C said that as would be crossing the Great North Road we would have be vigilant however not one stage coach was to be seen during our crossing.

The route took us close to the church and some attractive houses. as pictures below.

The route was good flat walking mostly mostly on arable land where much post harvest activity was seen.

A couple of curious sheep came to greet us and one pushed its head through the wire fencing and got stuck, luckily Julie S came to the rescue.

A herd of cattle found us interesting too and trotted over to investigate.

During the banana break the opportunity was taken for a group picture.

We were joined on the way back by a group of about 15 ramblers from the Peterborough Club who also lunched at the Manor House Hotel where the food proved to be excellent.

Thanks to Sue and Jem C for organising and leading this walk in pastures new for most participants.

Thanks to Caroline C for providing this report and pictures.

Thanks also to Julie S for rescuing the sheep


posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 10, 2019 10:24  under Walk Reports

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Saturday 31st August Walk Report.

6 people enjoyed a very nice walk from Wing Hall.

 A 6 mile walk a up and down but nothing we couldn't cope with.The views were fantastic.

Banana break pictures.

The coat of arms on the gate belong to Lyndon Hall. 

 Back at Wing Hall I have had better food, everything came as a sandwich and i don't do sandwiches but thats me. 

Picture of our food correspondent.

Thanks to Richard G for organising and leading this walk in what looks like very attractive countryside.

Thanks to Julie S for back marking, taking pictures and providing this report and providing a critique of the food at Wing Hall. What a busy girl she is.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 07, 2019 10:23  under Walk Reports

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Only one date needed to fill next walk card.

Vonnie M has only one more date to fill to complete the Winter card. It is  28 March 2020 : so if there is someone who would like to take this date, please contact Vonnie ASAP please.

posted by CHANGERINGER on  September 03, 2019 9:22  under General

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