Q: Can I join a scheduled walk if I am not a member of the Club?


A: The Club rules allow anyone who is not a member to participate in up to 2 walks before having to commit to membership.


Q: How much does membership cost?


A: The annual membership subscription is currently £6. Subscriptions are due each April.


Q: To whom should I pay my subscription?


A: Send a message via the Contact Us page and you will be provided with appropriate contact details.


Q: Are there any other fees to be paid apart from the annual subscription?


A: The annual subscription is the only payment due from members; but it has become customary for those participating in a walk to donate a nominal amount of at least 20p towards the Club's "Goodwill Fund".  Donations are collected by the walk leader and, at the Club's AGM, the Club members decide which charities should benefit from the accumulated donations.